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Gypsy Aris Maye is a gypsy who resides in a large tent outside Varrock town square.

She is notable for being the start point of the Demon Slayer quest, in addition to being largely featured in Recipe for Disaster.

She possesses great knowledge about the history of Gielinor and has vast magical powers; for example, she casts a Tempus Cessit spell in the beginning of Recipe for Disaster in order to stop time. It appears she also has an apparent inhuman lifespan. She claims to be seven times as old as the number of legs on the stools in the Blue Moon Inn, which would make her either 224, 266, or possibly, 364, depending on whether she is referring to the bar room only, the entire lower level, or both downstairs and upstairs, respectively. However, this was carried over from RuneScape Classic, where there were only two stools with a total of eight legs, which would make her 56 years old.

Treasure Trails[edit | edit source]

  • Gypsy Aris is the solution to the elite cryptic clue: Varrock is where I reside, not the land of the dead, but I am so old, I should be there instead. Let's hope your reward is as good as it says, just 1 gold one and you can have it read.
  • A beginner emote clue reads as follows: "Blow a raspberry at Gypsy Aris. Equip a gold ring and a gold necklace."

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • She used to be called just Gypsy, but this was changed so people would know her name is 'Aris'.
  • During Recipe for Disaster, her name is Gypsy, not Gypsy Aris.
  • During Recipe for Disaster, she refers to herself as the Wise Old Man's "bubbykins", indicating a possible relationship between the two.
  • During Recipe for Disaster, the Culinaromancer says "You!" after spotting Gypsy Aris. This may suggest that they have battled before.
  • If you inspect Pirate Pete during Recipe for Disaster, Aris says "My Gypsy senses are tingling". This is an obvious reference to Spiderman's quote "My spidey senses are tingling!".