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Guam vial detail.png

A guam vial is made by using a guam leaf on a vial of water (Lunar Diplomacy), yielding 84 Herblore experience. It is an early step in creating the waking sleep potion in the Lunar Diplomacy quest. Then a marrentill can be added to make a guam-marr vial.

Alternatively, a marr vial can be made and a guam leaf can be added to make the same product.

Creation[edit | edit source]

Herblore Herblore5 (ub)84
Quest points Partial completion of Lunar Diplomacy
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Ticks? (edit)
Vial of water (Lunar Diplomacy).pngVial of water (Lunar Diplomacy)1N/A
Guam leaf.pngGuam leaf137
Total Cost37
Guam vial.pngGuam vial1N/A

Products[edit | edit source]

Guam-marr vial.pngGuam-marr vial
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  • 5 Herblore
  • 84 Herblore