Graveyard of Heroes

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This article is about the graveyard at Shayzien. For other uses, see Graveyard (disambiguation).
Location on World Map
Lizardman Canyon
Lizardman Settlement Graveyard of Heroes Combat ring (Shayzien)
Kourend Woodland

The Graveyard of Heroes is located in the south-western part of Shayzien in the Kingdom of Great Kourend. It sometimes serves as an organised crime meeting spot for gangsters in which the player hunts down and kills them in order to earn Shayzien favour, but only after reaching 40% favour. Other than that, the graveyard serves no additional purpose.

Those who have added History and hearsay to Kharedst's memoirs (Tale of the Righteous completion required) may teleport here using the book.

There is a crypt located here that is accessed during the Dragon Slayer II quest. At the bottom of this crypt there is Camorra Shayzien's tomb. There are also four busts of Robert, Camorra, Tristan, and Aivas.

The graveyard also has a grave marked with a rose next to the lancalliums that Kharedst's memoirs teleports the player to. The examine text reads "A gravestone engraved with a rose. A strange energy emanates here." This grave belongs to Rose's mother, who died in childbirth.