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Graves are objects that appear upon a players death after visiting Death in Death's Office.

These appear either at the spot the player died or outside the instance the player died in. They are indicated on the minimap with a gravestone icon. Players have 15 minutes to collect any items that were not protected on death. It can be accessed from a distance of up to 7 tiles away. Items worth less than 100,000 are returned for free, but items worth more have a 1% reclamation fee. This fee is capped at 500,000 for graves. After 15 minutes, leftover items will be sent to Death's Office where the reclamation fee is 5% but items will be stored indefinitely. Ironmen get a 50% discount on both reclamation, making the fees 0.5% and 2.5% respectively.

The Angel aesthetic for the gravestone can be bought at Death's Office for 200,000.