Grand Gold Chest

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The Grand Gold Chest can be found and looted in every room when playing the Pyramid Plunder minigame.

Looting the chest grants Thieving experience.

Players often loot the chest for the Pharaoh's sceptre (1/1000), though they are most likely to find regular Pyramid Plunder items (stone/gold artefacts). Players can receive Rocky, the Thieving pet, by looting the chest, with the rarity depending on the room.

There is also a chance of finding a scarab swarm inside of the chest, which will attack the player rapidly (0.6s/attack), but will not deal more than 1 damage per hit. Players will not get any Thieving experience upon finding a scarab swarm. The chances at finding a scarab swarm decrease when looting a gold chest in a higher level room. Rocky can be obtained, regardless of whether the player finds scarabs or not.[1]

Players often choose to loot the Grand Gold Chest instead of the Sarcophagus (lootable item that can be found in Pyramid Plunder), since looting the sarcophagus grants Strength experience rather than Thieving experience. The sarcophagus also takes significantly more time to loot, thus being less efficient to loot for players aiming to get an as high as possible Thieving experience rate.

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