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Fremennik names are given to the player at the end of The Fremennik Trials quest. This name accompanies the player throughout the whole RuneScape game, unless it is changed with the ring of charos (a). Using the power of the ring of charos (a), players may ask Brundt the Chieftain for the Fremennik name to be changed. Doing so yields a new random name for that player.

The name is used to call the players while they are in Rellekka, Lunar Isle, Mountain Camp, Miscellania and Etceteria (except if previously crowned), Neitiznot, Jatizso, Waterbirth Island, and the Barbarian Outpost.

Names do not appear to be gender specific as some have been assigned to both genders (e.g. Rakkir, Raktor, Thorrak, Tonkar). Also, it appears as though names are generated by using one of 16 different prefixes (Bal, Bar, Dal, Dar, Den, Dok, Jar, Jik, Lar, Rak, Ral, Ril, Sig, Tal, Thor, and Ton) and one of 16 different suffixes (dar, dor, dur, kal, kar, kir, kur, lah, lak, lim, lor, rak, tin, ton, tor, and vald). This sums up to a total of 256 different Fremennik names that can be given to the player.

Honorific title Addressed when
[Fremennik name] Rockcrusher Wearing rock-shell armour
[Fremennik name] Spinewielder Wearing spined armour
[Fremennik name] Skullbearer Wearing skeletal armour
[Fremennik name] Dräpare Completed The Fremennik Exiles

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Baldur is the god of male beauty and light in Norse mythology. It is also a reference to the Dungeons and Dragons game Baldur's Gate.
  • If players switch genders after receiving their Fremennik name, they will keep the Fremennik name.
  • There is a bug where Fremennik names change on their own, where an extra suffix is added, for example "Thorvald" changing to "Thorkarvald", all on its own. This rare bug has existed for many years, and Jagex is yet to patch it. The only way to fix the effects of this bug is to change your Fremennik name with a ring of charos (a), receiving a random name.
  • Jarvald and Thorvald, which are possible names, are also names of Fremennik NPCs.
  • Dräpare, the honorific title given after completion of The Fremennik Exiles, is Swedish for "Killer".
  • There is a bug during the conversation when switching a name that causes the player's original name to be rendered as an empty string. For example, Brundt says, "A new name?!? That is a strange request. What's wrong with  ?", where the player's Fremennik name is supposed to go before the question mark.