Extradimensional bag

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The extradimensional bag is a scrapped item intended for use in the Trailblazer League upon unlocking the Second Inventory relic. As the relic gave the player the item, it would have been required to be unlocked in a bank. The relic, and by extension the bag, was scrapped due to some severe bugs found with it late in development and thus is an unobtainable item.

The bag effectively acted as a second inventory with 28 spaces, and can be withdrawn from and deposited into from anywhere. Like the looting bag, it can be opened so that items that are picked up will go straight into the bag.

Items within the bag cannot be used from within; players must have them within their inventory to use them. In addition, storage items such as the herb sack and rune pouch cannot be stored inside the bag.

If the bag was lost, it could be reclaimed from the Leagues Tutor and the contents within would be safe.