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Ensouled heads are items that can be dropped by their respective monsters. These heads can be reanimated by using the appropriate spell within the Arceuus spellbook on the head. Each reanimated monster killed will give the player Arceuus favour and Prayer experience, with increasing favour and experience as the Magic requirement to reanimate the monster increases.

Reanimation can be cast on any ensouled head dropped by a monster only in the same area where that head was dropped. This will work indefinitely, even if the ensouled head is banked, as long as it is not traded or price checked using the in-game tool. If the player has used the in-game price checker on the head, or has obtained the head in a trade, the reanimation spell will only work within range of the Dark Altar.

Players may send ensouled heads straight to the bank by using a charge of the Soul bearer, a reward from completing the Bear your Soul miniquest.

A confirmed list of drop rates can be found here[1].

Ensouled heads[edit | edit source]

For information about the cost per experience, see Calculator:Prayer/Ensouled heads

Ensouled head Reanimated Monster Counts toward
Slayer Slayer task
Magic Magic Prayer Prayer Favour
Runes for spell
Lvl Exp Lvl Exp
Ensouled goblin head.png Goblin Reanimated goblin Yes 3 6 1 130 0.5% 2Body 1Nature
Ensouled monkey head.png Monkey Reanimated monkey Yes 7 14 1 182 0.5% 3Body 1Nature
Ensouled imp head.png Imp Reanimated imp No 12 24 1 286 0.5% 3Body 2Nature
Ensouled minotaur head.png Minotaur Reanimated minotaur Yes 16 32 1 364 1.0% 4Body 2Nature
Ensouled scorpion head.png Scorpion Reanimated scorpion Yes 19 38 1 454 1.0% 1Nature 1Soul
Ensouled bear head.png Bear Reanimated bear Yes 21 42 1 480 1.0% 1Body 1Nature 1Soul
Ensouled unicorn head.png Unicorn Reanimated unicorn No 22 44 1 494 1.0% 2Body 1Nature 1Soul
Ensouled dog head.png Dog Reanimated dog Yes 26 52 1 520 1.0% 2Body 2Nature 1Soul
Ensouled chaos druid head.png Chaos druid Reanimated chaos druid Yes 30 60 1 584 1.0% 3Body 2Nature 1Soul
Ensouled giant head.png Giant Reanimated giant Partial[t 1] 37 74 1 650 1.0% 4Body 2Nature 1Soul
Ensouled ogre head.png Ogre Reanimated ogre Yes 40 80 1 716 1.0% 4Body 3Nature 1Soul
Ensouled elf head.png Elf Reanimated elf Yes 43 86 1 754 1.5% 2Body 2Nature 2Soul
Ensouled troll head.png Troll Reanimated troll Yes 46 92 1 780 1.5% 3Body 2Nature 2Soul
Ensouled horror head.png Horror Reanimated horror Partial[t 2] 52 104 1 832 1.5% 4Body 2Nature 2Soul
Ensouled kalphite head.png Kalphite Reanimated kalphite Yes 57 114 1 884 1.5% 4Body 3Nature 2Soul
Ensouled dagannoth head.png Dagannoth Reanimated dagannoth Yes 62 124 1 936 1.5% 4Body 3Nature 3Soul
Ensouled bloodveld head.png Bloodveld Reanimated bloodveld Yes 65 130 1 1040 1.5% 1Blood 2Nature 2Soul
Ensouled tzhaar head.png TzHaar Reanimated TzHaar Yes 69 138 1 1104 1.5% 1Blood 3Nature 2Soul
Ensouled demon head.png Demon Reanimated demon Partial[t 3] 72 144 1 1170 1.5% 1Blood 4Nature 2Soul
Ensouled aviansie head.png Aviansie Reanimated aviansie Yes 78 156 1 1234 1.5% 1Blood 4Nature 3Soul
Ensouled abyssal head.png Abyssal Reanimated abyssal Yes 85 170 1 1300 unknown 1Blood 4Nature 4Soul
Ensouled dragon head.png Dragon Reanimated dragon No 93 186 1 1560 unknown 2Blood 4Nature 4Soul
  1. Only works for hill giant tasks, regardless of the type of giant the head was obtained from.
  2. Only works for Jungle horror tasks, regardless of the type of horror the head was obtained from.
  3. Only works for lesser demon tasks, regardless of the type of demon the head was obtained from.

References[edit | edit source]

  1. Jagex. Mod Kieren's Twitter account. 18 January 2016. (Archived from the original on 25 March 2019.) Mod Kieren: "Fair few people asking about ensouled head drop rates... Here you go! [1]"