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Daeyalt shard detail.png

Daeyalt shards are magical shards that can be mined at the Daeyalt essence mine beneath Darkmeyer. Requiring level 60 Mining, players can only mine the active daeyalt essence, which can be recognised as the one surrounded by sparkles. The amount of shards received per action varies between 2–3 (granting 5 experience). Varrock armour and Mining cape do not increase the amount received.

Daeyalt shards can be converted to daeyalt essence by trading Noranna Tytanin in the mine for an equal amount. Any essence received is sent to the bank. To trade in the shards for daeyalt essence, players must be wearing vyre noble clothing.

Mining Info[edit | edit source]

Daeyalt essence mine
Level required Mining 60
Mining XP 5 xp
Required tool Pickaxe
Respawn time 1 minute

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
12 June 2020

The mining XP from the daeyalt mine has been increased from 4 to 5, and the time before the deposit moves has been made more consistent.