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Cyrisus Chathead
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Cyrisus is located deep in the Lunar Isle mine, where he has been unconscious for some time. In Dream Mentor, the player nurses him back to good health, but only known to the player at that point as "Fallen Man", by providing him with food and words of encouragement, until he is well enough to reveal to the player who he is. He requests that the player fetch him his favourite outfit from his bank, depending on what the player's combat level is based on.

Once he is dressed he reveals that he is incredibly skilled, being able to smith full sets of rune armour, bake summer pies and grow spirit trees, and with a combat level of 126, he has 99 in most if not all combat skills. However, he is mortally afraid of combat. He says he got his skills by killing 300 chickens a day for 30 years. The Oneiromancer suggests that the player help Cyrisus overcome this fear by entering Dream World with him to help him conquer his fears. Once the player enters Cyrisus's dreamland and vanquishes his feelings of inadequacy, inability to endure, pacifism, inexperience and other doubts Cyrisus has, he overcomes his fear of combat. By way of thanks, he shares with the player some knowledge he picked up during his time on Lunar Isle.

After Cyrisus leaves, his newfound lust for battle takes over. If the player talks to him he will either be killing the Kalphite Queen with some slayer masters, fighting TzTok-Jad, attending a meeting with the leaders of RuneScape. Since most of the time he's travelling around Gielinor looking for new adventures, it is impossible to find him at a specific location. In order to contact him you must use the NPC Contact lunar spell.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • At the beginning of Dream Mentor, if a player attempts to give him a purple sweets, a message will appear: "Sweets? You do know they rot your teeth?" And if you use Cave nightshade on him, a message will appear: "How evil! Are you trying to kill him!?" Trying to use a pumpkin to raise his health produces the message "He doesn't look like he's into pumpkins." Using an Easter egg yields the message "Now is not the time for fancy chocolate."
  • Cyrisus meeting with the leaders of Gielinor may be a possible reference to the Recipe for Disaster questline.
  • Killing 300 chickens a day for 30 years, accounting for leap years, roughly amounts to 3,287,100 chickens. If Cyrisus truly trained in this manner, he would have acquired enough experience to reach 99 in three combat skills, 62 in a fourth, as well as 99 Hitpoints, 99 Prayer by burying 2,896,541 bones, and 99 cooking by successfully cooking 434,499 raw chickens, in addition to easily having the materials to reach 99 fletching and woodcutting solely through the creation of headless arrows while having more than enough feathers left over to reach 99 fishing through fly fishing.
  • Cyrisus's bank is openable and seen during the Dream Mentor quest. As the player is required to take items out, place them in a chest and bring them to Cyrisus, the items inside his bank or the chest cannot be kept.
    Cyrisus's Bank
  • Cyrisus' bank has an approximate value of 55,763,573 coins.