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This article is about the ruling council of Great Kourend in the Fourth Age. For the Elven Council of Elders ruling Tirannwn, see Elven clan leader.

The Council of Elders was a group formed by the five houses of Great Kourend that rebelled against King Rada III[1] during 5th BA[2], they included members from the Arceuus, Hosidius, Lovakengj, Piscarilius, and Shayzien houses. They used the Tower of Magic as a meeting place.[3]

Sometime during their reign, a famine struck Great Kourend. This resulted in Lord Hosidius writing to the council requesting half the land of each of the other four families, as agreed to by the other lords, so that Hosidius could grow enough food to stop the famine.[4] The council granted the request, and the famine ended sometime after.

Following the famine, the Council of Elders relinquished their rule during 1st BA with the signing of the Royal accord of twill.[5]

Predecessor Title Successor
King Rada III Rulers of Great Kourend Lord Ethrain Hosidius I

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