Combat ring (Shayzien)

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This article is about the Shayzien combat ring. For the combat ring in the player-owned house, see combat ring.

The Combat ring is where one challenges each tier soldier to obtain the respective tier Shayzien armour.

The soldiers can be challenged into a duel where only Melee is allowed, as they do not want to fight with Ranged and that the Arceuus wizards do Magic combat. To start, challenge the lowest ranked soldier. Be aware that deaths are not safe here, however you can run out of the arena if your hp gets low. When the soldier falls at 0 health, they are defeated and will drop a piece of their armour for them. Once a full set of that tier is obtained, you may fight the next ranked soldier. You can fight the other soldiers again if you want duplicates, provided that you have an armour set one tier lower, the same armour they are using, or higher.

To challenge the soldiers, you will need the following amounts of Shayzien favour and 20 Defence:

The favour obtained from defeating the soldiers is as follows:

Defeating 5 of each tier, in order to obtain the pieces required to fight the next tier, will award you with the following favour:

As you will acquire a total of 14% favour by obtaining a full set of Shayzien armour (tier 4) one can start the combat ring at 86% favour and unlock access to Lizardman shaman and the full set of armour at the same time.