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Camulet detail.png

Camulet is a reward from Enakhra's Lament. When equipped, its wearer can speak to certain camels found in Al Kharid and throughout the Kharidian desert.

The Camulet has four teleports to the desert, inside Enakhra's Temple near Lazim. With the hard Desert Diary completed, the teleport destination can be switched to the temple entrance near the quarry.

To recharge the Camulet, players must use a bucket of Ugthanki dung on it. Players can receive dung by speaking to certain camels (after partial completion of My Arm's Big Adventure) while wearing the Camulet, such as Al the Camel, who can be found outside the bank in Al Kharid. You'll also need a bucket to collect the dung.

If lost, it can be retrieved by speaking with Lazim. Multiple Camulets may be obtained using the drop trick, but when a charge on one is consumed it is subtracted from all Camulets in the player's possession.

The player can pay Lazim 1,000,000 coins to have him enhance the Camulet to allow unlimited teleport charges. The upgrade is permanent and will take effect on other Camulets in the player's possession and on replacements given by Lazim should the player lose one.

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
6 August 2015

It is no longer possible to waste Ugthanki dung attempting to recharge the Camulet when it is already fully charged.

5 March 2015
(update | poll)

You can now change the Camulet teleport location to the cavern entrance of Enakhra's Temple if you have completed the Desert Hard Diary.