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Bologa chathead.png

Bologa is a follower of Zamorak who lives upstairs in the home of her grandfather, Farmer Gricoller. She is the sister of Golova and Logava, and is the youngest of the sisters.

Players can purchase the ability to purchase Bologa's blessings from the Tithe Farm by equipping an item affiliated with Zamorak, and giving Bologa a one-off payment of 75,000 coins. A Prayer level of 50 is required to purchase this perk from Bologa.

She used to be a bartender at The Golden Field. While most of the Hosidius residents are followers of Saradomin, Bologa began to take interest in Zamorak, the god of chaos, along with other patrons in the bar, who she would meet and share forbidden books that Piscarilius smugglers would bring them. Golova, her sister, fired her due to her "bringing bad sorts" to her bar.

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