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A bird house trap that has been set.

Bird house trapping is a Hunter technique that is used to catch birds. With this technique the player sets up bird houses on Fossil Island and fills them with seeds. The player then has to wait around fifty minutes for the bird houses to passively fill with birds.

Bird houses[edit | edit source]

Bird house traps are made using the Crafting skill requiring logs and a piece of clockwork with a hammer and chisel. They are then placed in designated spots on Fossil Island to catch birds, providing a passive method of training Hunter and gaining resources.

Additionally, Ironmen will need a Construction level of 25 to build a crafting table 2 for assembling clockwork.

Type Crafting Level[d 1] Crafting XP Hunter Level[d 2] Hunter XP[d 3] # for goal[d 4] # of Fossil Island Runs Cost XP/hr
Bird house.png Regular 5 15 5 280 7 2 -3,864 44.8k - 50.4k
Oak bird house.png Oak 15 20 14 420 13 3 -7,320 67.2k - 75.6k
Willow bird house.png Willow 25 25 24 560 24 6 -14,191 89.6k - 100.8k
Teak bird house.png Teak 35 30 34 700 52 13 -41,820 112k - 126k
Maple bird house.png Maple 45 35 44 820 44 11 -27,632 131.2k - 147.6k
Mahogany bird house.png Mahogany 50 40 49 960 160 40 -203,098 153.6k - 172.8k
Yew bird house.png Yew 60 45 59 1,020 832 208 -853,632 163.2k - 183.6k
Magic bird house.png Magic 75 50 74 1,140 3288 822 -6,056,098 182.4k - 205.2k
Redwood bird house.png Redwood 90 55 89 1,200 6828 1707 -3,601,456 192k - 216k
  1. This is the level requirement to craft bird houses. There is no Crafting level required to place the bird houses.
  2. This is the level requirement to place bird houses. There is no Hunter level required to craft the bird houses. This level can be boosted for.
  3. For checking full bird houses.
  4. If starting from 1000xp (level 9), which players are given in the Natural History Quiz.

Seeds[edit | edit source]

All seeds give the exact same rewards. To arm the trap, players need 10 low level hop seeds or herb seeds (Krandorian/Harralander or lower) or 5 high level seeds (Wildblood/Ranarr or above). The rewards do not change when using higher seeds[1], so it is recommended to use the seeds that are cheapest or easiest to obtain.

Seed Amount Price per house
Barley seed.png Barley seed 10 -30
Hammerstone seed.png Hammerstone seed 10 -20
Asgarnian seed.png Asgarnian seed 10 -50
Jute seed.png Jute seed 10 -40
Yanillian seed.png Yanillian seed 10 -70
Krandorian seed.png Krandorian seed 10 -40
Wildblood seed.png Wildblood seed 5 -475
Guam seed.png Guam seed 10 -90
Marrentill seed.png Marrentill seed 10 -70
Tarromin seed.png Tarromin seed 10 -110
Harralander seed.png Harralander seed 10 -560
Ranarr seed.png Ranarr seed 5 -170,710
Toadflax seed.png Toadflax seed 5 -9,770
Irit seed.png Irit seed 5 -140
Avantoe seed.png Avantoe seed 5 -1,925
Kwuarm seed.png Kwuarm seed 5 -740
Snapdragon seed.png Snapdragon seed 5 -293,140
Cadantine seed.png Cadantine seed 5 -3,020
Lantadyme seed.png Lantadyme seed 5 -2,785
Dwarf weed seed.png Dwarf weed seed 5 -770
Torstol seed.png Torstol seed 5 -276,370

Catching birds[edit | edit source]

Once the bird house trap has been set and filled with seeds, it will passively capture birds at random tick intervals (an average of once every 5 minutes), up to a maximum of 10. To claim the Hunter experience and loot, players must return to the bird house trap to empty and dismantle it. The bird house will be lost in the process, but the clockwork will be returned, meaning players only need four clockworks to set all their bird houses indefinitely, after which they will only need to bring hammer, chisel, logs, and seeds. However, it is recommended to take a fifth clockwork to craft birdhouses while moving between sites.

Alternatively, players may purchase pre-made houses from the Grand Exchange. Retrieving these will still return the clockwork, which players can sell afterward.

Inventory[edit | edit source]

Asgarnian seed 5.png40Clockwork.pngHammer.pngChisel.png
Magic logs.pngMagic logs.pngMagic logs.pngMagic logs.png
Digsite pendant.png

Loot[edit | edit source]

The player will roll this table once for every bird caught, up to ten times per bird house. The nests may be regular empty nests, seed nests, ring nests and rarely also Clue nests. Egg nests can't be obtained this way.

Item Quantity Rarity Price High Alch
Raw bird meat.png: Bird house trapping drops Raw bird meat with rarity Always in quantity 1Raw bird meat1Always4410
Feather.png: Bird house trapping drops Feather with rarity Varies in quantity 10Feather10Varies3010
Bird nest.png: Bird house trapping drops Bird nest with rarity Varies in quantity 1Bird nest1Varies3,955271

The chance of successfully receiving a bird nest is dependent on the tier of bird house and the player's Hunter level.[2] The seeds used do not affect amount of nests received.[1]

Locations[edit | edit source]

There are four spots on Fossil Island in which players can place bird house traps, indicated by the Bird house site icon.png icon.

All of these spots are easily accessible by using the Digsite pendant teleport to Fossil Island after using the pendant on the strange machine at the House on the Hill, then using the magic mushtree in the House on the Hill.

References[edit | edit source]

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