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This article is about the NPC. For the random event, see Beekeeper (Random Event).
Bee keeper chathead.png

The beekeeper runs an apiary west of Catherby and south of Seers' Village, next to a flaxfield. He will tell players all about his bees and beehives, and explain how to obtain buckets of wax as well as its uses. He tells players that they are welcome to take as much wax and honeycombs as they want, and gives them some insect repellent to aid in doing so.

He appears to be somewhat obsessed with his bees, and warns players to leave them alone, as they belong to him. He makes a bee related pun when players say goodbye to him, telling them to 'bee' good. He seems to be wearing the Beekeeper's outfit.

During Troll Romance, he assists the player in obtaining the beeswax to wax the sled with.

Random event[edit | edit source]

The Bee keeper is involved in the Beekeeper random event. The player has to repair a beehive for him to complete the event.

Dialogue[edit | edit source]