Awusah the Mayor

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Awusah the Mayor is the mayor of Nardah, a small Menaphite settlement in the south-eastern Kharidian Desert. Prior to the completion of Spirits of the Elid, Nardah is beset by a curse that caused the town's water supply to dry up, making his job considerably more difficult.

Awusah, for some time, has been the town's leader, ensuring that it is safe. He does, however, seem to have some enemies, as evidenced by the presence of three armed guards outside his room in the town hall. Poltenip, Radat, and Tarik guard Awusah with their lives.

When the town's water supply mysteriously disappears, Awusah enlists the player's help. The player soon finds that the curse was caused by the town's refusal to worship Elidinis, the desert goddess of fertility and the River Elid. When the quest is complete, the town returns to normal.

Following the lifting of Sophanem's quarantine during Contact!, Sophanem and Awusah agree to begin trading.

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