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The Armed Forces Report is a book mounted on a lectern, found in the western part of the Library Historical Archive. It cannot be removed from the lectern it is on.

The book is written by Lord Rickard Shayzien during the 32nd decade, and contains a review of Shayzien's forces and expansion recommendations for King Hosidius V.

Transcript[edit | edit source]

The following text is transcluded from Transcript:Armed Forces Report.

At the request of his royal highness King Hosidius V; I, Lord Rickard Shayzien, have conducted a complete review of Shayzien forces.

This report aims to deliver accurate statistics of the Shayzien armed forces current personnel as well as provide strategic recommendations based upon a number of likely conflict scenarios.

Current Personnel

Officers: XII

- General Eugene Burke
- Captain Red Hosizien
- Captain Harold Omena
- Commander Ulysses Lovell
- Commander Sky Rabin
- Commander George Tuvix
- Commander Drake Pem
- Lieutenant Vesta Rimor
- Lieutenant Franklin Wolf
- Lieutenant Clement Rada
- Lieutenant Dan Blake
- Lieutenant Charles Botte

Current Personnel

Infantry Division: LXI

- Sergeant: IV
- Corporal: XVI
- Private: XLI

Archer Division: XXVII

- Sergeant: II
- Corporal: V
- Private: XX

Current Personnel

Medical Roster: IV

- Doctor Julian Mizzerman
- Doctor Theodore Stark
- Nurse Eleanor James
- Nurse Georgina Ford

Total Personnel: CIV


Our total force of able bodied soldiers of one hundred is not adequate. If our glorious kingdom were to be attacked, and history teaches us that we face constant threats such as the beast of winter, we must expand our forces substantially in order to defend the Kingdom of Great Kourend.

We must invest in officer class training in order to maintain obedience throughout the ranks.

Furthermore, we live in a time were magical discoveries are made every day and the threat of a magical based attack increases with each discovery. Standard forces are not prepared to battle such a threat and we must invest in defence against these dark arts.

Recommended Expansion

I hereby formally recommend to His Royal Highness King Hosidius V that the Shayzien armed forces be permitted the resources required for expansion.

I stress that these resources are absolutely required in order to adequately defend our great kingdom.

The armed forces shall separate into three regiments:

- Elder Warriors
- Twisted Archers
- Kodai Mages

Each regiment will consist of two hundred personnel under the command of a General, with each General reporting to myself. All personnel are to be highly trained following a specialist recruitment and selection process; only the strongest citizens will be selected.

The state will provide excellent accommodation for all personnel, three meals each day as well as pensions to families in the event of death.

Once operational, the six-hundred strong multi-skilled forces will be able to defend Great Kourend from all threats.

It is of the utmost importance that His Royal Highness invests in these forces in order to protect all that he rules.

I eagerly await your response.


Lord Rickard Shayzien

891 - 32