Arceuus Home Teleport

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Arceuus Home Teleport provides players with a free teleport every half an hour to the Dark Altar in Arceuus. It requires no runes but takes around 10 seconds to cast the spell, and can be interrupted at any time by most actions, including combat, and only can be cast 10 seconds or more after combat has ended (similar to logging out). If the spell is successfully used, it may not be used again for another 30 minutes; if a player tries to cast it before 30 minutes have elapsed, they are notified with the remaining time in minutes.

As with all home teleports, the Arceuus Home Teleport default animation can be overridden with an alternative animation, if unlocked.

Remember, you cannot use Standard spells, Ancient Magicks or Lunar spells if you are using Arceuus spells.