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This article is about the god. For the monster that appears in Icthlarin's Little Helper, see Apmeken (monster).

Apmeken is the goddess of social pleasures, and is one of the four minor gods of the Menaphite Pantheon, a collection of deities that rule over the Kharidian Desert. Her following, as a result, is limited mainly to the desert areas, although the Menaphites of Sophanem follow her most devoutly. Little is known of Apmeken, as she is rarely spoken of by NPCs, even in Sophanem.

Apmeken is the most playful, unpredictable, and mischievous of all of the minor deities of the desert. As described by Jex, she would easily trip someone, but would still catch them before they fell. Apmeken can change her appearance at will, although she always has the head of a monkey, ape, or baboon, depending on the exact nature she is displaying. The monkey represents skillfulness, the ape is wise, and the baboon, in nearly all situations, is comical.

According to Jex, Apmeken left the Kharidian Desert at some point, maybe because the monkeys in the desert either died out, or moved somewhere else.