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An anvil is used to smith items through the Smithing skill. An anvil can be used to smith items by using a bar on an anvil while the player has a hammer in their inventory, and then a selection screen will come up. Multiple players can use an anvil simultaneously.

There are several anvils located around Gielinor which are identified with an anvil Anvil icon.png icon on the minimap and world map.

The most convenient anvil may be that in western Varrock, since it is directly opposite a bank and close to the Grand Exchange. Players who have completed Song of the Elves can use the anvil in Prifddinas near the south-eastern bank, and it is the closest to a bank and a furnace.

There are several unusual anvils in RuneScape. Included among these are the experimental anvil that players use in The Tourist Trap to help make a prototype dart and the barbarian anvil in Otto's Grotto, used to smith spears and hastae. Additionally, the rusted anvil in Lumbridge allows players to smith only bronze items.

As of 23 April 2015, players can left-click an anvil to smith.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Anvil location # of squares to bank Notes
Western Varrock 10 Close to a bank; players can buy from smiths.
Central Varrock 31 Two anvils in Horvik's shop.
Eastern Varrock 35 Two anvils just south of the bank on the west side.
Draynor Village 74 both ways In the sewer dungeon, where zombies and skeletons lurk.
Lumbridge 80 The rusted anvil. Can only be used to smith bronze items. Path requires player to climb two sets of staircases.
Falador 93 In Doric's hut to the north, a fair walk away, and you must have completed Doric's Quest to use them.
Dwarven Mine F2P: 143

Member shortcut: 106 MLM bank: 90

Two anvils that may be helpful if you are a Superheat Item smelter, or by entering the South entrance from Falador, and the furnace there. Disk of returning helps as well.
Mudskipper Point Draynor: 182 via shortcut, without 216

Zanaris: 72

South of Port Sarim, though there is little reason to smith here. Close to a fairy ring (aiq).
Wilderness Ferox Enclave: 154 In the Western Ruins, at level 23 Wilderness. May be useful to smith bars made at Eastern Ruins furnace and make room for some more ores from the Bandit Camp Mine.
Corsair Cove Dungeon Mythic guild bank: 119, Corsair Cove bank: 153 The dungeon contains coal, mithril, adamantite, and runite rocks.
Desert Plateau Al Kharid bank: 150. East of Al Kharid, west of Citharede Abbey
Members only
South-Eastern Prifddinas 9 Closest to a bank, usable after completing Song of the Elves. Directly adjacent to a furnace, making it the closest anvil to a furnace.
Port Khazard 12 Just west of the Fishing Trawler minigame.
Void Knights' Outpost 15 West of the bank.
Yanille 16 Just south of the bank; also near the Wizards' Guild.
Blast Furnace 20 Requires 60 Smithing.
Jatizso 25 North of the platebody shop. Requires The Fremennik Trials.
Keldagrim west: 28 Several anvils in Keldagrim: one by the bank, one by the general store, and three by the Blast Furnace.
Seers' Village 31 West of the bank.
Kourend Castle 33 Southwest tower on bottom floor.
Nardah 45 In the platelegs shop.
Lovakengj Blast Mining Bank: 52

Lovakengj Bank: 94

Northwest of prayer altar.
Burthorpe 71 In the northeast corner.
Hemenster Fishing Guild: 73

Ardougne North: 86

West of the Ranging Guild.
Barbarian Village Edgeville: 91 In the southwesternmost house. This is rarely used for smithing as the Varrock west anvil is much closer to the bank. However, it should also be noted that this is a barbarian anvil, which means it can be used to smith hastae and spears only.
Miscellania 95 Next to the coal mine.
Rellekka Jatizso: 99

Lunar Isle: 88-108 (moving npc and 2 screen transitions)

Neitiznot: 107

In the southwest corner there are 3. Second-closest anvil to a furnace in all of RuneScape at 2 squares away.
The Warrens 108 Northwest room.
Lovakengj 147 South east of The Forsaken Tower path.
Wilderness Mage arena chest:41 West of the Mage Arena.
Wilderness Resource Area Edgeville bank:91 mage arena:107 (see notes for more) Notable for being very close to minable rocks as well as an furnace. The closest bank is the Edgeville one. Could also bank in Ardougne or Mage Arena using the Wilderness levers. However, Piles in the area can turn items to banknotes for a fee, possibly replacing the need for a deposit service.
Karamja Shilo Village:304 North of Tai Bwo Wannai.
West Ardougne North East Ardougne: 165 if shortcut used and fail,168 if not fail,197 from bridge South East Ardougne: 195 from bridge Along the north wall.
Darkmeyer Darkmeyer bank:134 Western part of the city, quite far from bank. Requires Vyre noble clothing to use safely.
Underground Pass North Ardougne: 284 success, 281 fail,no log 316 south Ardougne bank:314 In the south west corner in one of the houses near Niloof,Klank and Kamen
Dorgesh-Kaan 96 to Dorgesh-Kaan bank. No nearby mine.
Slepe 200 to Ver Sinhaza/theater of blood bank. No nearby mine.
Myths' Guild Myths' Guild's chest: 33 2nd floor[UK]3rd floor[US] of the myth guild locates anvil. Requires Dragon slayer II

Changes[edit | edit source]

Date Changes
23 April 2015
(update | poll)

A Left-click 'Smith' option has been added to anvils.