Food Network Star

Food Network Star
Genre Food reality television
Judges Bobby Flay
Giada De Laurentiis
Country of origin United States
No. of seasons 12
No. of episodes 75
Running time 40–120 minutes
Production company(s) CBS EYEtoo Productions
Original network Food Network
Original release June 5, 2005 (2005-06-05) – present
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Food Network Star is a reality television series produced by and aired on the Food Network in the United States that awards the winner his or her own series on the Food Network. It is the channel's flagship show. Prior to season seven, the show was known as The Next Food Network Star. The final three will make their own pilots for their tv shows on Food Network.

Season one


The first season of The Next Food Network Star series was taped in February 2005, and was composed of five episodes in June 2005. Dan Smith and Steve McDonagh were the winners of the first season. These two Chicago area caterers host a show called Party Line with Dan & Steve, now titled Party Line with The Hearty Boys, which premiered on September 18, 2005.

The runner-up, Deborah Fewell, was chosen to host a special on food at beaches, Surf N Turf, which aired in June 2006. Michael Thomas is the recurring chef on The Tyra Banks Show. Susannah Locketti has made an appearance on The Tony Danza Show, and is also an on-air chef for Publix grocery stores in the southern United States.


Name Age Hometown Place
Dan Smith & Steve McDonagh 42 and 40 Bellmore, NY and Wayne, NJ Winners
Deborah Fewell 32 Los Angeles, CA Runner-Up
Hans Rueffert 32 Jasper, GA 3rd
Susannah Locketti 33 Plymouth, MA 4th
Eric Warren 52 Los Angeles, CA 5th
Michael Thomas 36 Venice, CA 6th
Harmony Marceau 30 New York City, NY 7th
Brook Harlan 24 Columbia, MO 8th

Season two


The second season of The Next Food Network Star series was taped in December 2005 and began airing in March 2006. Guy Fieri was announced as the winner on April 23, 2006, beating Reggie Southerland.

Fieri has achieved considerable success at Food Network since his victory, and is still regularly on air as of March 2016. Guy's Big Bite premiered in June 2006 and was picked up for a second season in 2008 and remains in production. Originally intended as a one-hour special, Fieri's second series, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, premiered April 23, 2007. He went on to the series, Ultimate Recipe Showdown, premiering February 17, 2008, and Guy Off The Hook on September 14, 2008. He has also started a new successful show called Guy's Grocery Games.

Fourth-place contestant Nathan Lyon began hosting his own series, A Lyon In the Kitchen,[1] on the Discovery Health Channel in March 2007.


Name Age Hometown Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Guy Fieri 38 Ferndale, CA "Off the Hook" California Cuisine Winner
Reggie Southerland 39 Los Angeles, CA Modern Soul Food Runner-Up
Carissa Seward 33 San Diego, CA Simple Food for Entertaining Week 6
Nathan Lyon 35 Los Angeles, CA Healthy and Seasonal Food Week 5
Andrew Schumacher 26 Brooklyn, NY Cooking Techniques Week 4
Evette Rodriguez 35 Port St. Lucie, FL Latin Cuisine Week 3
Elizabeth Raynor 32 Sausalito, CA Simple Mediterranean Cuisine Week 2
Jess Dang 24 Menlo Park, CA Asian Cuisine Week 1

Season three


The third season began on June 3, 2007, and the winner was announced on Sunday, July 22. In season 3, judges narrowed the field down to 2 with 1 or 2 contestants going home weekly. Once the field was down to 2, the viewers picked the winner. Marc Summers (host of the first 2 seasons) only returned for this season's finale. Bobby Flay would host subsequent season finales.

During the season, the contestants lived in a shared house in New York City. The contestants' challenges included cooking concession food for an NBA game (with guest Darryl Dawkins) to a mini version of Food Network's Iron Chef America (with guest judges Bobby Flay and Cat Cora). The Selection Committee consisted of Food Network executives Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson along with one guest. Guest judges included Alton Brown, Giada De Laurentiis, Duff Goldman, season two winner Guy Fieri, and Robert Irvine.

Paula Deen and Rachael Ray participated in contestant challenges, and Bobby Flay also played a role in the guidance and selection process. Amy Finley was chosen by America as The Next Food Network Star on July 22, 2007. Her new show The Gourmet Next Door premiered on October 14, 2007 and ran for six episodes. Finley later declined to continue with the series, citing relocation to France for family reasons.


Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Amy Finley 33 San Diego, CA Stay-at-Home Mom Winner1
Rory Schepisi 31 Vega, TX Restauranteur Runner-Up
Joshua Adam "JAG" Garcia 25 Havelock, NC Chef-de-Cuisine Withdrew1
Paul McCullough 36 Los Angeles, CA Caterer Week 6
Adrien Sharp 29 Jackson, MI Local Cooking Show Host Week 5
Michael Salmon 53 Brooklyn, NY Director of Operations for Macy's Week 4
Tommy Grella, Jr. 34 Methuen, MA Self-Taught Chef Week 3
Colombe Jacobsen-Derstine 29 New York, NY Former Child Actress Week 3
Nikki Shaw 38 Oakland, CA Caterer Week 2
Patrick Rolfe 33 Seattle, WA Chef Week 1
Vivien Cunha 40 Hermosa Beach, CA Caterer Week 1

^Note 1 : Amy Finley was eliminated Week 7, and the original finalists were Rory Schepisi and Joshua "JAG" Garcia. After the final elimination episode was aired, evidence came to light that JAG had lied about both his culinary training and his military service, representing both as more extensive than they actually were.[2][3] Food Network allowed him to withdraw from the competition and reinstated Amy Finley, who was voted The Next Food Network Star.

Season four


Season four of The Next Food Network Star premiered on Sunday, June 1, 2008. Food Network executives Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson are joined by Bobby Flay as the selection committee for this season. Each new episode aired on Sundays at 10:00 PM EDT. For this season, the viewers no longer received the chance to vote for the winner; producers instead made the final decision. This led to an error by, which briefly posted the winning moment video on their website three days before the finale aired.[4] The winner for the fourth season was Aaron McCargo, Jr. His winning show idea, Big Daddy's House, first aired August 3, 2008.

Finalist Adam Gertler was hired to host a Food Network show called Will Work for Food, which debuted on January 19, 2009 and was cancelled after one season. He now hosts the Food Network show Kid in a Candy Store which is currently filming its second season.

Kelsey Nixon co-hosts a web show on (a Food Network sister site) and also appeared in the premiere of Chefs vs. City in 2009. In 2010, Gertler and Nixon became co-hosts of The Next Food Network Star After Party, a half-hour recap/interview show following that night's episode of Star, on Food Network's sister station Cooking Channel. Nixon stars in Kelsey's Essentials, a program on kitchen and cooking basics for The Cooking Channel that began in November, 2010.[5]


Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Aaron McCargo, Jr. 36 Camden, NJ Chef Winner
Adam Gertler 30 Philadelphia, PA Food Server Runner-Up
Lisa Garza 32 Dallas, TX Restaurateur/Designer Runner-Up
Kelsey Nixon 23 North Ogden, UT Assistant Culinary Director Week 7
Shane Lyons 20 Colorado Springs, CO Private Chef and actor Week 6
Jennifer Cochrane 32 Woonsocket, RI Chef Week 5
Nipa Bhatt 35 Victoria, MN Marketing Manager Week 4
Jeffrey Vaden 43 White Plains, NY Food Service Management Week 3
Kevin Roberts 39 San Diego, CA Radio Talk Show Host/Restaurant Owner/Author Week 2
Cory Kahaney 45 New York, NY Stand-up Comedian Week 1

Season five


Season five of The Next Food Network Star premiered on June 7, 2009. Food Network executives Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson were joined by Bobby Flay as the Selection Committee for this season, which was filmed early 2009 in New York, New York and Miami, Florida. Melissa D'Arabian was declared the winner on August 2, 2009 with the title for her show being Ten Dollar Dinners. Her show premiered on August 9, 2009.

On August 17, 2009, Food Network announced Jeffrey Saad would return in a series of online videos based on his pilot, now called "The Spice Smuggler."[6] The program premiered with four 4-1/2 minute videos featuring one spice and a recipe incorporating it.[7] Saad was named the national representative for the American Egg Board. In November, 2010, Saad debuted in a new show for The Cooking Channel titled United Tastes of America, which explores multiple aspects of traditional American food.[5]

Finalist Debbie Lee has carried her "Seoul to Soul" concept to the streets of L.A., opening a lunch truck, Ahn-Joo, featuring a range of Korean food.


Name Age Hometown Occupation Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Melissa d'Arabian 40 Keller, TX Stay-At-Home Mom "Kitchen Survival Guide" Winner
Jeffrey Saad 42 Los Angeles, California Restaurateur/Food Consultant/Recipe Developer/Chef "Ingredient Smuggler" Runner-Up
Debbie Lee 39 West Hollywood, California Restaurant Consultant "From Seoul to Soul" Week 8
Jamika Pessoa 30 Atlanta, Georgia Personal Chef/Businesswoman Caribbean Cuisine Week 7
Michael Proietti 28 City Island, NY Executive Chef "Global A Go-Go" Week 6
Katie Cavuto 30 Philadelphia, PA Personal Chef & Dietician Healthy and Green Cuisine Week 5
Teddy Folkman 33 Alexandria, VA Restaurant Owner/Executive Chef "Gourmet Bar Food" Week 4
Eddie Gilbert 30 Los Angeles, CA Apprentice Chef "Modernized Traditional Food" Week 3
Brett Oxenforth 18 Winnipeg, Manitoba Executive Sous Chef Italian-American Cuisine Week 2
Jen Isham 30 Orlando, FL Sales Manager "Housewife 2.0" Week 1

Season six


The sixth season of the series premiered on Sunday, June 6, 2010. Food Network executives Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson were again joined by Bobby Flay as judges; in addition, Giada De Laurentiis served as an on-set mentor. On July 17, 2010, a post-competition recap and discussion show premiered on The Cooking Channel. Shows were filmed in Los Angeles, California and New York, New York.

On August 15, 2010, Aarti Sequeira was declared the winner, and her new show Aarti Party[8] premiered on Sunday, August 22, 2010 and features American style cuisine with unique Indian flair. Season 2 of Aarti Party[8] premiered that December.

The Food Network also signed runner-up Tom Pizzica to host a new show called Outrageous Food, which premiered in November 2010.[9] The last new episodes of Aarti Party aired in mid-2013.


Name Age Hometown Occupation Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Aarti Sequeira 31 Los Angeles, California Food Blogger "Aarti Paarti" Winner
Herb Mesa 41 Atlanta, Georgia Personal Trainer/Personal Chef "Cooking Con Sabor" Runner-Up
Tom Pizzica 32 San Francisco, CA Unemployed Chef "Big Chef" Runner-Up
Aria Kagan 30 Hollywood, FL Private Chef "Family Style" Week 9
Brad Sorenson 25 Austin, Texas Professional Chef "Pro"/"Culinary Quest" Week 8
Serena Palumbo 31 New York, New York Attorney "Serena's Trattoria" Week 7
Brianna Jenkins 30 Atlanta, Georgia Caterer "Sexy and Fabulous Flavors" Week 6
Paul Young 32 Chicago, IL Waiter "Blue-Collar Dollar" Week 5
Darrell "DAS" Smith 28 Los Angeles, CA High School Culinary Teacher "Food is the Life of the Party" Week 4
Dzintra Dzenis 44 Austin, TX Private Cooking Instructor Week 3
Doreen Fang 38 Los Angeles, CA Caterer/Cooking Instructor "Simply Complex" Week 2
Alexis Hernandez 40 Clarksville, IN Part-time food Writer Week 1

Season seven


For the seventh season, the reality television series was renamed, after the first episode, Food Network Star, dropping the word "Next". It premiered Sunday, June 5, 2011. Food Network executives Bob Tuschman and Susie Fogelson were joined again by Bobby Flay and Giada De Laurentiis as the judges for this season. The series was filmed in Los Angeles, California and New York, New York.

Season seven winner Jeff Mauro's show "Sandwich King" premiered on Sunday, August 21, 2011. In spring 2013, Jeff hosted $24 in 24, a show in which he went to several cities and ate an entire day's worth of meals on 24 dollars.


Name Age Hometown Occupation Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Jeff Mauro 32 Chicago, IL Corporate Chef "Sandwich King" Winner
Susie Jimenez 31 Carbondale, CO Catering Company Owner "Spice It Up" Runner-Up
Vic "Vegas" Moea 36 Brooklyn, NY Executive Chef "Mama's Boy" Week 11
Mary Beth Albright 38 Washington, DC Food Writer and Blogger "Sunday Supper" Week 10
Whitney Chen 28 New York, NY Chef "Four Star Flair" Week 9
Jyll Everman 31 Glendora, CA Caterer "Jyllicious Bites" Week 8
Penny Davidi 39 Los Angeles, CA Restaurant Owner "Stilettos in the Kitchen"/"Middle Eastern Mama" Week 7
Chris Nirschel 28 Hoboken, NJ Sous Chef "On the Line" Week 7
Orchid Paulmeier 38 Bluffton, SC Restaurant Owner "Asian Persuasion" Week 6
Justin Davis 31 Minneapolis, MN Food Blogger "The Flavor Factory" Week 5
Justin Balmes 32 Marietta, GA Fishmonger/ Butcher "Kitchen Workshop" Week 4
Alicia Sanchez 33 New York, NY Young Adult Culinary Teacher "Alicia's Guilty Pleasures" Week 3
Katy Clark 34 Long Beach, CA Food and Fitness Company Operator "Simply Fabulous" Week 2
Juba Kali 29 New Orleans, LA Research Chef "Cuisine Made Simply" Week 2
Howie Drummond 40 Highlands Ranch, CO Radio Host "Basic and Delicious" Week 1

Season eight


Season 8 started May 13, 2012. For season 8, the format changed, with the contestants divided into three five-member teams, each coached by a Food Network host, either Bobby Flay, Alton Brown, or Giada De Laurentiis. Coaches worked with the teams as they prepared for and completed their tasks. The coach of the winner would also be the producer of the winner's show.

Each week, a winning team was selected, and one member of the teams that did not win was up for elimination in a new feature called Producers' Challenge. Each challenge was hosted by current Food Network personalities.

The final winner was decided by an audience vote cast on between July 15–17, 2012 and the winner was announced on July 22, 2012. The winner was Justin Warner, who hosted a one-hour special on The Food Network, but did not have a series produced. He has become a blogger on, makes appearances at Food Network events, and is an active Twitter presence.



Name Age Hometown Occupation Culinary P.O.V. Team Eliminated
Justin Warner 27 Brooklyn, NY Chef and Restaurant Owner "Rebel with a Culinary Cause" Team Alton Winner
Michele Ragussis 42 Brooklyn, NY[10] Executive Chef "My New England" Team Bobby Runner-Up
Yvan Lemoine 30 New York City Bartender and Cook for the French Consulate "Family Style" Team Giada Runner-Up
Martie Duncan 50[11] Birmingham, AL Blogger and Party Planner "Martie with the Party" Team Alton Runner-Up
Philip "Ippy" Aiona 23 Kamuela, HI Executive Chef "Voyage to Paradise" Team Giada Week 10
Nikki Martin 31 West Hollywood, CA Private Chef, Food and Beverage Consultant "The Grill Next Door" Team Bobby Week 10
Martita Jara 35 San Diego, CA Self-Taught Chef "Martita's Mesa" Team Giada Week 9
Malcolm Mitchell 41 Washington, DC Private Chef "Simple and Soulful" Team Bobby Week 8
Emily Ellyn 29 Orlando, FL College Student "Cooking Retro Rad" Team Alton Week 7
Linkie Marais 28 North Attleborough, MA Cake Baker "Dessert Queen" Team Giada Week 6
Judson Allen 30 Chicago, IL Catering Company Owner "Weight Loss Journey" Team Alton Week 5
Eric Lee 44 Petaluma, CA Winery Executive Chef "Handcrafted in Wine Country" Team Bobby Week 4
Josh Lyons 42 Jupiter, FL Restaurant Consultant and Sushi Chef "Wok and Roll" Team Giada Week 3
Kara Sigle 31 Chicago, IL Catering Company Owner "Nostalgic Cooking with a Twist" Team Bobby Week 2
Cristie Schoen 35 New Orleans, LA Caterer "Healthy and Delicious" Team Alton Week 1

Season nine


Season 9 started on June 2, 2013.[12] For season 9, Alton Brown, Bobby Flay, and Giada De Laurentiis mentored and judged twelve Food Network Star competitors, although the contestants were not divided into teams as in season 8. Many of this season's contestants had previously appeared on other Food Network shows.[13] The winner was Damaris Phillips, decided by an audience vote cast on and announced live on August 11, 2013.


Name Age Hometown Occupation Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Damaris Phillips 31 Louisville, KY Culinary Teacher "Modern Southern Food" Winner
Rodney Henry 47 Baltimore, MD Pie Shop Owner "Pie Style" Runner-up
Russell Jackson 49 San Francisco, CA Underground Chef "Seven Culinary Sins" 2nd Runner-up
Stacey Poon-Kinney 34 San Diego, CA Restaurant Owner "Vintage with a Modern Twist" Week 10
Nikki Dinki 29 New York, NY Food Blogger/Online Host "Semi-Vegetarian" / "Meat on the Side" Week 9
Connie "Lovely" Jackson 27 Los Angeles, CA Caterer "Party on a Plate" Week 4 & Week 8 (Winner of Star Salvation)
Chad Rosenthal 37 Ambler, PA Restaurant Owner "Jewish BBQ Guy" Week 7
Chris Hodgson 26 Cleveland, OH Chef/Restaurateur "Compassion for Food" Week 6
Viet Pham 33 Salt Lake City, UT Chef/Restaurant Owner "The American Dream" Week 5
Danushka Lysek 37 New York, NY Private Chef/Model "Your Private Chef" Week 3
Andres Guillama 26 Waynesville, NC Childhood Obesity Prevention Coach "Teaching Men to Cook" Week 2
Daniela Perez-Reyes 28 Haleiwa, HI Bartender/Caterer "Peruvian Princess" Week 1

Season ten

The winner was Lenny McNab, decided by an audience vote cast on and announced live on August 10, 2014. It is the last season to date where the finale aired live--all subsequent season finales would be filmed months in advance prior to airing.


Name Age Hometown Occupation Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Lenny McNab 42 De Beque, CO Executive Chef Gourmet Cowboy Winner
Luca Della Casa 38 San Antonio, TX (Originally from Turin, Italy) Restaurateur Luca's Feast Episode 2 (Winner of Star Salvation) Runner-up
Nicole Gaffney 29 Atlantic City, New Jersey Private Chef Coastal Cuisine 2nd Runner-up
Sarah Penrod 30 League City, TX Private Chef Devoted to Date Night/Texas Cuisine Episode 10
Loreal Gavin 26 Indianapolis, IN Butcher Butcher Babe Episode 9
Emma Frisch 30 Ithaca, NY Farmer Farm-to-Table Episode 8
Chris Kyler 32 Stafford, VA Caterer elevating classics Episode 7
Reuben Ruiz 27 Miami, FL Restaurant Owner Flavors of Miami Episode 6
Christopher Lynch 39 New Orleans, LA Executive Chef New Orleans Inspired Episode 5
Aryen Moore-Alston 31 Memphis, TN Home Cook International Cuisine Made Easy Episode 4
Kenny Lao 36 New York, NY Food Truck Chef Fast-Casual Episode 3
Donna Sonkin Shaw 42 New York, NY Nutritionist Healthy Comfort Food Episode 1

Season eleven

Beginning with this season, Alton Brown no longer appeared as a judge. The winner was Eddie Jackson.


Name Age Hometown Occupation Culinary P.O.V. Eliminated
Eddie Jackson 34 Houston, TX Food Truck Owner Caribbean Winner
Jay Ducote 33 Baton Rouge, LA Radio Host Louisiana Runner up
Dominick "Dom" Tesoriero 31 Staten Island, NY Food Truck Owner Italian Week 8 (Winner of Star Salvation; returned for semi-final) Runner up
Arnold Myint 38 Nashville, TN Restaurant Owner Effortless Home Entertainment Week 10
Alex McCoy 31 Washington, D.C. Chef, Restaurant Owner Fusion Sandwiches Week 9
Michelle Karam 39 Santa Barbara, CA Food Blogger Mediterranean Week 7 (Withdrew)
Emilia Cirker 36 Reston, VA Culinary Instructor Spice Class Week 6
Rue Rusike 26 Brooklyn, NY Private Chef South African Week 5
Rosa Graziano 38 Los Angeles, CA Food Truck Owner Southern Italian Week 4
Sita Lewis 47 New York, NY Culinary Instructor Italian Soul Week 3
Matthew Grunwald 22 Scottsdale, AZ Restaurant Chef Hashtag Week 2
Christina Fitzgerald 29 St. Louis, MO Executive Chef Around The World Week 1

Season twelve



Name Age Hometown Occupation Eliminated
Tregaye Fraser 31 Atlanta, Georgia Caterer Winner
Jernard Wells 37 Executive chef Runner-up
Damiano Carrara 30 Moorpark, California Pastry chef
Yaku Moton-Spruill[upper-alpha 1] 33 San Francisco, California Basketball player, sous chef Week 4 /
Week 10
Ana Quincoces 49 Coral Gables, Florida Cookbook writer, attorney Week 9
Erin Campbell 24 Woodbury, Minnesota Baker Week 8
Joy Thompson 40 Thomasville, North Carolina Baker, restaurateur Week 7
Rob Burmeister 45 Staten Island, New York School lunch administrator Week 6
Monterey Salka 26 Nashville, Tennessee Caterer Week 5
Martita Jara[upper-alpha 2] 39 San Diego, California Home cook Week 3
Aaron Crumbaugh 36 Spokane, Washington Caterer Week 2
Melissa Pfeister 34 Los Angeles, California Basketball player
Havird Usry 28 Augusta, Georgia Restaurateur Week 1

Food Network Star Kids



Name Age Hometown Eliminated
Amber Kelley 13 Seattle, Washington Winner
Isaiah Hooks Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania Runner-up
Liam Waldman 12 Los Angeles, California
Lexi Shuster 9 Port Chester, New York Week 5
Tyra Jefferson 11 Irmo, South Carolina Week 4
Salvatore Soldo 10 Staten Island, New York Week 3
Sammy Voit 11 The Bronx, New York Week 2
Gracie Evans 9 Tampa, Florida Week 1
Sydnie Jaye Meyers Austin, Texas
Nicholas Hornbostel 11 Vail, Colorado


  1. Yaku Moton-Spruill returned to the competition in Week 10 after winning Star Salvation, but was again eliminated midway through the latter episode.
  2. Martita Jara originally competed in the eighth season of the series; she returned after winning the pre-season competition Comeback Kitchen.[15]


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