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The land of 0x0z is a diverse collection of Web3 projects, all focused on delivering unique aspects of the metaverse through NFTs. These projects are all connected by ♾️mint.eth, which serves as the central hub for manifesting and monetizing the products. ♾️mint.eth offers a platform for minting and managing NFTs, and serves as the backbone for many of the other projects. EADS.eth is also a key player, responsible for monetizing the products and fueling the race to excellence. Together, these projects offer a variety of ways for users to engage with the metaverse, from virtual tours and interior decorating services to supply-side advertising and sponsorship platforms. The goal of 0x0z is to use the power of NFTs to bring magic to Web3 and create a world where users can interact with each other and the environment in new and exciting ways. 🟨

magic🪞.eth - The revolutionary, native Web3 browser and builder that shows us the Past, Present and Future of the Internet.

♾mint.eth - A Web3 EVM Based Multichain Dynamic NFT Platform. A Minter that Mints minters which are integrated with our EADS.eth supply-side advertising and sponsorship platform, and allows creators to mint an ∞ of NFT projects from PFP/Metaverse Portal Projects, to 1:1 NFTs, to Music NFTs.

nftofme.eth - Your personalized supply side platform for a demanding Metaverse. You are yours. Supply-side Demand dApps, NFT controls 📦

eads.eth - Ethereum Ad Service. Connecting Brands and Experiences in the Metaverse, dApps, Apps, Games, Memes and NFTs. 〽️


🫥.0xMunchkin.eth - Customers, Steakholders

🧙🏼‍♂️.0xWizardof0z.eth - Creative, Product and Strategy

👠.0xDorothy.eth - Client Operations, Client MGMT

🐶.0xToto.eth - Biz Dev, Client Partners

🧹.0xWitch.eth - HR, OpSec, Project MGMT, Black Hat

🪄.0xWitch.eth - HR, Client Service, Project MGMT, White Hat

😱.0xScarecrow.eth - Marketing and advertising, Sales, Monetization

🤖.0xTinman.eth - Engineering and DevOps

🦁.0xLionheart.eth - Biz Dev, Community MGMT, Public Relations

🐵.0xFlyingMonkey.eth - Product Sales & Execution

♾mint.eth development began in 2021 as a result of a successful test of the NFTofME.eth revenue streaming concepts on the Ethereum Name Service. The platform introduced concepts recently validated in EIP-4337, ERC-6551, and contains alternative executions of account abstraction as well as accomplishing the use of ERC-721 as a an abstracted wallet capable of containing NFT and ERC-20 tokens, it was also able to act on its own behalf and was designed to stream intellectual property controls and the revenues of the object. These concepts first came online on the Rinkeby Testnet in 2021, subsequently the first mainnet type deployment happened on the Polygon EVM in 2022, prior to EIP-4337 and ERC-6551 (May 2023). Our team simply decided to continue to prove the concept and build deployment protocols prior to submitting, EIP, ENS, and ERC proposals.

A Few Deployed ♾MINT.eth 💎 GEMS

🎫Mint.eth - Magic tickets for your events in and out of the Metaverse. 🎫🎟

🥃Club.eth - Spirits in the Metaverse take on magical properties but the community is vintage as always. Come meet, mint, mingle and club with your frens.

👟Head.eth - Expand the reach of your 👟NFTs into the Metaverse.

🎧Club.eth - Mint a self-contained audioNFT that leverages Web3, EVM, IPFS and ENS to create a decentralized audio streamer for your fans.

🎹AudioCover.eth - Spatial MusicNFT + ArtNFT Player.

💨Club.eth - Keep track of who puffs and who passes with this customer experience focused gem.


🎫 web3://nftles.🎫mint.eth

🎫 web3://awedacity.🎫mint.eth

🚀 web3://neil💪.👟head.eth

👟 web3://0️⃣7️⃣.neil💪.eth

🐳 web3://baby🐳.eth

🥳 web3://🥳time.eth