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Assure Your Access To IPFS
(InterPlanetary File System)

Do you access IPFS using a web address which begins with something like , or any other http://domain.ext? If so, then you could lose access any time the tyrants choose. Do the following today, to assure access tomorrow, even when tyrants try to block it at the Domain Name Server system level:

Brave desktop browser's IPFS integration in version 1.19 or later on a desktop, is largely dysfunctional and slow due to link handling issues. Also, it may redirect you to the gateway which can be easily blocked at the DNS level. The other methods of browsing with IPFS below are far superior.

For desktop browsers Firefox, Chrome, Brave Opera and Edge

a) Install IPFS Desktop (node) from on your PC. Start it and let the node run in the background to support the IPFS browser companion (see next step). Keeping the node on will help make the decentralized network stronger.

b) Install the IPFS Companion from in your browser and activate it. If the IPFS Desktop node was restarted, wait for the number of peer connections to stop increasing.

c) Browse to the IPNS address

d) Verify the IPFS companion is on. If so, the address bar will display something like

e) Security settings may need to be reduced to see all the content at the IPNS address. There are no certificates.

f) Bookmark this page as "Web3 Only Podcast" for direct IPFS access.

g) Please visit all of the pages in the menu bar to seed them across the network and make them more unstoppable. Visiting more pages and content in the site helps even more.

h) Share this instruction and the one below to help them assure access to IPFS content, even when tyrants try to interfere.

i) The IPFS companion may cause normal web browsing to be much slower. If so, it may be disabled when not needed.

j) Likewise, the IPFS Desktop may degrade your PC performance. If so, exit it and only use it when needed to accompany the IPFS browser companion.