This document was created as a response to many complains addresed to me, by people who met me the very first time and described my behaviour as rude. Are you a rude person? Nope! So why do you ignore me? I like being with people, but I'm neurologically unable to spend a lot time with them and often there is a time, when I like just to sit together and don't interact. So, what do you need time for? To be alone. Really? Yup! But spending time with other people is fun! Indeed it is. But people are like chocolate. You like them, you spend time with them, but at some point you realise, you had enough and want no more. In my case no more comes faster. I'm gonna drag you to the other side and make you socialable. You'll see! I'm picturing you surrounded with flowers. In the narrow wooden coffin. So, how do you have fun without people? It's easy. I like learning new things, so I read a lot. I also like to code my personal projects, which sometimes I brag about on my blog or github account. So, you like reading and learning new things. You can do that with other people, you know? Yup! And usually I prefer to spend time with people, who I can exchange knowledge with. But as it was mentioned above, there are limits. Why don't you have a girlfriend? There are about 7 million singles in Poland. Go, ask all of them! Why don't you eat food I prepared for you? I eat what I want and when I want. I don't like the concept, when someone tells me what kind of chemical compounds I put into my body. Why don't you drink alcohol? I need a lot of time to get back to my baseline condition, so drinking interferes with my work and sport life. Therefore I decided to drink rarely. But today is the day you should drink with us! It will be fun, you'll see! Oh, really? Again, I'm the person who decides when and what kind of chemical compounds I put into my body! Do you like receiving gifts? Not really. But if you have to, just find something interesting on my "to read" list on Goodreads. I just texted you to come go out with us, but you said, you have other plans. How is it? I'm not spontaneous person. I don't like when things happen too fast. I would go out with you, if you'd write couple days before. Why are you avoiding me? It might be because you're (as I describe) too extrovert for me. If you constantly talk to me, ask too many questions, want to hang out, etc. It's likely I will avoid you, because I feel hemmed. You're avoiding face to face conversation, but write ton of text messages, how is it? I prefer text conversations, because they give me independence. I don't need to fully engage into discussion, but can reply when I have time. Do you like me? Do I spend time with you? Do I talk to you? Have I done something wrong? Did you take offence? Sometimes I just decide, that person isn't worth any time spending with and I ignore them, but I never take offences. Why don't you believe in God? Which one? There are about six thousands of them.