On the farm

A man tells of the sexual experiences he had at 11 on his father’s farm. He also explains his view of how society deals with such relationships today.

Taken from the collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

A person who calls himself BourBohemian posted the following message on a forum.

I’ll more than likely receive plenty of thoughtful remarks for this, but I feel obligated to speak out. I have long protested the witch hunt hysteria against Man/Boy love in particular, as it clearly - and obviously has its cardinal roots in humanity itself; from various cultures, civilizations, and times where something that was once free of repression now consists of a moral hysteria. One has to back to the days of the Roman Inquisition to find a parallel situation in regard to the current lynch mob mentality that bears no real understanding of the phenomena that is Man/Boy love.

Why do I feel obligated? I had several sexual experiences with a 34 year old man who worked on my dad’s farm when I was 11 years old. What began as a “Man without a Face” friendship evolved into a Man/Boy romance. I consented to the sexual friendship and have always to this very day looked back on it as something benevolent.

However the legal and moral rectitude of today’s sex-obsessed society would consider such a sexual relationship as “child molestation, abuse” under the junk science mentality that since I was below the age of consent, it’s automatically “child abuse”.

I prefer a more eloquent, rational broach of the subject - in particular respect to the academic responses on the subject and cultural ones; like Allen Ginsberg’s support for NAMBLA, and subsequently Camille Paglia’s support for the liberation of Boylovers and the Boys they fall madly in love with."