I was free to say 'YES!!!!'

Report by siao from BoyChat, a web forum for pederasts. The thread was about reporting your own sexual experiences in childhood.

Source: BoyChat

7yo is the first time I remember myself being “sexed” :))
it was with an AF [adult frien] on a tour in a bus, suddenly fun was “in”, and I was all hard while his hand was gently rubbing my young boyhood till… gosh, what was that twirling feeling which went all thru me ???

wow, I liked it !

and it was IT : I was “sexualised” :)), and I was to remain that way active and happy till my adolescence.

Being raised in a free-minded family, I had all the opportunities I deserved to explore my sexuality and others'; mostly males, which always entertained me greatly and were very eagerly welcome into my bed, and also a few female which always left me with a bitter after-taste of “something missing” from the game.

Let’s say that my golden years have been taking place between 11yo and 14yo, and I can’t count or even remember all of my AFs of that time…!

I can only say that NOT A SINGLE ONE EVER ABUSED ME !

I was free to say ‘YES!!!!’ and also knew how to say ‘no’ if there were ever anything I might not want.

My only regret from that time : not experimenting with other kids…:( At that time I did not like children… probably scared of them… I intensely and mutely fell in love with some peer-boys then later with a few disappointing peer-girls, but never had sex with any until much later.

I did not really “need” it -since I had all that I wanted at home with people who cared about me without “risks” (laughed at, not fine “enough”,etc.)-, but now I regret not getting closer to and share what is the nicest emotion a boy can experiment !!! :))