His house was like an oasis

Jeff reports from his childhood and youth and his first sexual experiences. His account is supplemented by original excerpts from his diary.

Source: SOLR interview, in-person, audio recorded plus journal

Full text and comments from Consenting Juveniles


I was 13 when my mother and step-father divorced. She was 32 and had this 22-year-old boyfriend for a couple of years. It was interesting.

He had kind-of a tragic life. His father was dead. His brother had hanged himself. So he was kind-of miserable and drank a lot. But he was this tall, Italian guy with dark, curly hair and I just thought he was really cute, sexy. And he was fun. He was cool.

I spent a lot of time with him. My mother would work in the evening, so we’d hang out. He’d get all drunk and pass out on the bed or the couch. So I’d be lying in my bed and he’d be right there in the living room, snoring outside the door of my room. Sometimes I couldn’t sleep and would just think, “Maybe I’ll …”

It was very frustrating. Because I was in this little town and there wasn’t a lot of opportunity to contact anybody. So I couldn’t help myself but take advantage of him. He was my opportunity.

So I’d sneak out there and play around with him in his drunken sleep. He’d be wearing jeans and a T-shirt. I had to get in there. I opened his pants and took out his cock. Very carefully. And played with it. And sucked it a little bit. I didn’t want to do too much and get caught. But it was exciting.

I did it a couple of times.


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