Opinion of a victim

This text comes from the German support forum around pedophilia Gemeinsam Statt Allein (GSA). It was posted in the public part of the forum.

Translated by JUMIMA
Original German text

I wanted to share a fate from a slightly different perspective.

When I was twelve (and gay), I met a nice man in his mid-twenties on the Internet.
We then met “in real life” when we had chatted over the Internet for about six months and we went out for coffee.

What felt a bit uncomfortable and was the elephant in the room, was that we had a pretty heavy crush on each other.
I didn’t want to say it out loud because I was afraid that he was afraid of legal ramifications, and he didn’t want to say it so as not to be defamed as an abuser, or perhaps because he was afraid that I would run away and tell someone else about it.

Finally, however, I took the first step and confessed to him that I had pretty much fallen in love with him.
He actually burst into tears (at my home), hugged me, and that was the beginning of a wonderful relationship.

This relationship went on happily for three years. I was never abused, although we also had sexual contact.
Our relationship of a deeply romantic nature, first of all. We loved each other as I now love my husband (about ten years later). We were a dream couple and my life would have been completely different (and more negative) if I hadn’t met him.

After all, we couldn’t keep it secret, and more and more people, first of all my parents, became aware of this adult with whom I had so much contact.

The end of the story was the arrest of my boyfriend. Despite vehement protests on my part and trying to contact the press, I was forced to undergo therapy. There I was almost immobilized, under the influence psychiatric drugs, put on weight, was socially neglected. I never “admitted” that I had been abused. I was locked in an institution for two years with the label “Stockholm Syndrome”. I finally was released through a a lawsuit (but only accompanied) and after some revolts within the organization.

I had to repeat my schooling, my social life was ruined, and people kept trying to tell me I had been raped. My friend had been the dearest person on earth to me. He spared no expense and effort, even to make my life better, even at his own expense. We were equal lovers. If anything, I was “more dominant” in the relationship because he never dared to exercise power over me because he was afraid to make me do something that I don’t want.

This shitty country has deprived me of this good man, this wonderful being.

This shows how much double standards and spitefulness there is in this judicial system. I was transformed into a “victim”. I was even called perverted and certifiably insane, because I thought I should be allowed to love someone I loved.

My former friend lost his job, his family and his existence after being imprisoned. Naturally, he didn’t want to have any further contact with me, but we separated in a friendly way.

I am a victim, but a victim of the judicial system and ignorance of the state, not of my lover.

I hope this was helpful to some.
The information in this post is intentionally vague so as not to endanger me and my friend, but is all true.

[Emphasis by the author]