He is stating that he was not raped

This article, which appeared in an Irish newspaper, reports a case in which a group of around 10 men are being investigated for allegedly molesting a boy online. The mother found messages on her son’s cell phone that frightened her and she involved the police. Later in the article, the son’s view is given, which can be read here.

Source: “Vigilance vital to keeping vile paedophiles at bay”, article by Shane Dumphy in the Irish newspaper Independent, February 28th, 2007.


However, there are deeper levels to this complex story.

The young lad in question, who was 13 when his contact with these paedophiles began, claims that the sexual relationships he had with them were all consensual.

In other words, he is stating that he was not raped, and that, to his mind at least, there was no abuse.

While most adults looking on would baulk at such a notion, we must remember that there are also those who would agree with it.