He is my dad, boyfriend, best friend, brother, all in one

Interview with a man and a boy who live in Manhattan. The man adopted the boy when he was 13. They have an intimate relationship.

These are the most important passages in which the boy speaks out. The rest can be read on the the ThinkAndAsk.com website.

A boy happily participates in a sexual and emotional relationship with an older man beginning at age 12. Jesse is less than half John’s age and turned 15-years-old in April, but the boy is not his son. Jesse “is my lover,” John said, “but the feelings are mutual, this is a consensual relationship.” John met Jesse (not his real name) when the boy was homeless three years ago. […] In Jesse’s own words, “John knows me, he’s here inside my head already, I mean all along. He is my dad, boyfriend, best friend, brother, all in one. He’s great,” he grins as he chats with a friend on the office computer. […] “I brought it up and told him how I felt and offered to take care of him. That is when he said he was in love with me and never wanted to leave,” John said.

“My [school] friends know John is my legal dad and stuff,” and he said no one presses the issue. “I have my own bedroom too, so when a friend sleeps over we just stay in that room.” Jesse has three friends his own age who also have relationships with adult men.