Thank God for Boy-Lovers

Victor reports how he was raped by a heterosexual man when he was hustling in Philadelphia. He then aquainted with a pederast and feels positively about the relationship with this man.

This report is from the publication ‘Boys speak out!’ by the American man/boy love advocacy organization NAMBLA. The book can be ordered on the organization’s website.

Source: Boys speak out on man/boy love; NAMBLA; fourth (enlarged and expanded) edition; July 1996

Thank God for Boy-Lovers

I’m a 14-year-old boy who would like to speak out in favor of man-boy relationships. Like most poor-income families from the Philadelphia area, I started to hustle for spening money when I was 12 years old. Most of the kids where doing it, and they could make an easy $20 or $30 during the weekend.

Most of the time I would just hang around the big Art Museum until I noticed a guy looking at me. Most of the men who picked me up just wanted to have oral sex with me, or maybe have me lay on top of them. As soon as they were finished, they couldn’t wait to ditch me. It was so damn cold and impersonal. My home life was terrible, as my stepmother didn’t really care if I came home or not. One night I went with this guy who raped me pretty bad. He put his penis inside my rectum and made me bleed something awful. he refused to give me a dime, and said he had taught me a lesson.

I was sitting outside the Franklin Institute that night, still bleeding and scared to death, when this man about 30 years old came up to me and asked if anything was wrong. I just started to cry, and couldn’t stop. He was talking very gentle to me, and he asked me right out if some crazy person tried to hurt me. Well, I guess I needed a friend because I told him everything. He drove me to his beautiful house in New Jersey, and he gave me a bath and put something inside to stop the bleeding. At first I thought he was giving me a bath so he could have sex with me, but he never tried once to grab me or anything like that. I finally asked him if he liked to have sex with boys, and he smiled and said, “Yes, but we won’t talk about that now.”

A week later I was back at his house, watching television and playing darts down in his cellar. That night I stayed all night with him, and I felt so secure to have his arms around me. Yes we had sex together, and it was beautiful. here I am, two years later, with a much better outlook on life, back in school, a part-time job, and someone who loves me deeply.

It seems to me the so-called child molesters and criminals against young boys are the men society calls heterosexuals, like the married guy who raped me. Fortunately for me, I was one of the lucky ones who was saved from the criminal element (Normal Men). Thank God for boy-lovers. I hope you print this.