One rainy afternoon

A Spanish book about first sexual experiences contains the case of Victor, who had a relationship with an adult man at age 15.

Taken from the collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

Source: Mi primera vez by Jesús Generelo and Marcos Benítez (Ediciones de la Tempestad, Barcelona, 2003) includes the case of Victor from Lleida, who is 36 now.

When Victor was fifteen, he went on a holiday to San Sebastian together with his close adult friend Roberto. They shared the same hotel room.

One rainy afternoon, Roberto told Victor that he used to have erotic experiences with boys. Although at first Victor felt confused about this confession, his friendship with Roberto went beyond all doubts or bad thoughts.

Back in Lleida, Victor suggested that he and Roberto become intimate because he felt that having sex was the only thing still lacking in their close friendship. They did it at Roberto’s place and limited the sex to fellatio and masturbation. They continued to be intimate after this.

Their relationship went on until Victor moved to Barcelona to study Spanish Literature.