Love means a lot to me

This letter was sent to the author of the book Heimliche Liebe, Wolf Vogel. A boy talks about his relationship with a man and describes in particular how important love is to him.

Translated by JUMIMA
Original German text

Love means a lot to me. Four years ago I found a man that I love very much. Before I met him, my life was very different, much more boring. When I got home from school, I would sit around at home with only my mother around me, who was not in a good mood, and no one else. In the evening after dinner, we would watch TV and then go to bed – and so it went every day until I met him. A completely different world opened up for me. I didn’t know anything about people and love, but he taught me. If you don’t have anyone, you sit in front of the TV every night. I used to do that too, but now it is wonderful in the evenings with him in bed, when we tell each other about what we have experienced, and I think that’s wonderful.

Now I really know what love is. Love is not just going to bed with someone, having some sex and then done. No, love is something completely different. Most parents go to bed together, have sex, and then some more one or two weeks later. No, that’s not love. If you love someone, you probably want to be with him and sleep with him every day. When I go to bed with him, it’s very good, I feel completely relieved and I get rid of all my tensions.

At the very beginning, it was a bit difficult for me with my parents, but luckily I no longer have a problem with that. The friend I am going with now has a very good relationship with my parents and often comes to visit us. Father and mother think it’s okay for me to go to him, and I’m happy about that.