I pulled off my little game with him

In May 2007 an interview with German singer and DSDS winner (Germany’s version of Brittain’s got Talent) Mark Medlock appeared in the Hamburg city magazine ‘hinnerk’. The interview also briefly touches on Mark Medlock’s coming-out and he reports of seducing a man as an 8-year-old.

Source: Gay Hamburg city magazine ‘hinnerk’, May 2007

Translated by JUMIMA
Original German text


Hinnerk: When you started at DSDS, you were advised to hide your being gay. You didn’t do that …

Mark: I stand by it. And if that doesn’t suit anyone, then he shouldn’t come near me. I am Mark – and Mark is gay. But I’m still a man and I have my cock hanging between my legs. Take me as I am and never try to change me!

Hinnerk: Can you tell us how your coming-out went?

Mark: When I was eight, I seduced a 32-year-old at the swimming pool. He had a hot ass, was well built and I really went onto him, I pulled off my little game with him. When I was 16, I kissed a man for the first time and knocked over candlestick over three times. And just before my mother died, I went to my parents and said: “Dad, you always wanted to have a girl anyway – and your girl now has a cock. Live with it, I know you love me.” My father actually didn’t want me to carry this out into the world, but I did it anyway. I can only strengthen myself through this, people should respect me as I am.