I find it stupid that these things are punished with jail

This letter was sent to the author of the book Heimliche Liebe, Wolf Vogel. A boy tells about his friendship with a man and expresses his view of the legal situation.

Translated by JUMIMA
Original German text

“I met my friend by chance on a playground in the park when he addressed me. We talked, fooled around and made plans for the next day. I found out that he was into boys from a friend of the same age, who in turn knew him from another friend. This news didn’t scare me, it made me curious and horny. I admit to masturbating almost every day, so it was interesting to know a man who cared about what happening to me.

We had the first sexual contact after about three weeks. At that time we met two or three times a week. I discovered a book on pedophilia at home with photos of a boy and a man hugging and kissing. I showed him this picture and asked him if he liked something like that. He was not surprised and said: ‘Sure I like that, but only if the boy likes it too and both want to have something together.’ Afterwards he told me a lot about himself and his feelings. I moved closer and closer to him until we were hugging and cuddling. Since I was wearing trousers, he could clearly see my excitement. He stroked my whole body and finally … I don’t want to tell any more of it; the rest you can imagine.

I find it stupid that these things are punished with jail, even if both participants want to do it. It’s fun, I like my boyfriend, and sometimes I suffer from not being able to hug and kiss him when we walk in the park.”