He Makes Me Glad I'm Gay

At the request of his lover, 14-year-old Ed wrote a letter to NAMBLA.

This report is from the publication ‘Boys speak out!’ by the American man/boy love advocacy organization NAMBLA. The book can be ordered on the organization’s website.

Source: Boys speak out on man/boy love; NAMBLA; fourth (enlarged and expanded) edition; July 1996

He Makes Me Glad I’m Gay

My name is Ed and I am 14 years old. I ain’t good at letter typing, but will try to do my best at writing this letter to you. I come from a part of New Jersey, called Camden, and it is a pretty poor part of the city. During the weekends and during the summer months, most of us guys earn spending money by letting older guys mess around with us. Well, I got to the point where I really don’t mess around with just men, but I have sex with other guys my age, and I really dig it a lot. We suck each other’s cocks, fuck each other up the butt, and jerk off all the time. Well, when my mom found out I mess around with other boys, she kicked me out of the house, so I ran away to Philadelphia, where I know all the spots where men pick up young kids. At first, I let any man pick me up, because I really wanted to be hugged and kissed by a man. Sometimes I don’t want to have sex, just have a man kiss and hug me (is that weird?).

One night this nice-looking guy picked me up and took me to his place. He was really nice to me, and just wanted to hug and kiss me. He cleaned me up and gave me some new clothes to wear, and we hugged and kissed more, and I was really wanting him to have sex with me because he could tell my dick was really hard. He finally took me to bed and gave me a great blow job and put his dick between my legs and humped me for a long time. He was gentle with me and treated me like his own son, I think. My mom knows all about him now, and it is OK with her because he treats me so good and is keeping me out of trouble. Sometimes I don’t even want him to give me money. He knows I am gay and that I just want him to kiss and hug me. I need a lot of sex, like I am jerking off five or six times a day, but when I am with him he knows what I want, and I am happy as ever in his arms. He makes sex weem so good and wonderful that I am glad I am gay.

This letter looks like shit, but I will send it in anyhow, because my older friend wants me to send it to you, because you need information about boys having sex with older guys. I think it’s great and it can do no harm to the boy. I already knew I was gay before I met him, so it only made me feel better about being gay, and now I have someone to care for me and love just me for what I am. Does this make any sense to you? You can change this around to sound better. OK? Use my name, please.