They amused me far more than the average geography teacher

The controversial English psychologist Chris Brand was probably fired for these statements.

Source: The g Factor Newsletter
by Chris Brand, October 16, 1996

As lead choirboy (Decani) and soloist, I met lots of paedophiles who would press florins and half-crowns (now worth c. stlg4) into my horrid little palm at age 13. For better or worse, I never ’fancied’ any of them nor did anything but allow a little fondling: on my part it was not a sexual experience. But I was never feminazistically inclined to condemn them: these men were well above average in intelligence, well educated (two were writers), amused me far more than the average geography teacher, gave me useful tips (where to find the G spot etc…) and never frightened me in the least. Indeed the only problem with them was that they were so awfully old and sweaty and heavy-breathing and desperate-for-whatever-it-was-they-did [I tried not to look] that I much preferred their jokes to their ’visual aids.’