The "Stefan Report"

This report was legally attacked and was finally declared legal on September 26, 2005 by the Koblenz Higher Regional Court.

Commented excerpt from the Collection Positive Memories, compiled by T. Rivas.

Original German text

Stefan was an 11-year-old German boy when he started seeing 30-year-old Werner G. or Gerd, a colleague of his uncle’s. Stefan was living with his grandmother and uncle and Werner visited them regularly. He continued to do so when Stefan’s uncle moved to another part of Germany, where he had found a new job.

Stefan recalls:

“He was the first person in my life, who took a real interest in me and cared for me. He made school fun again for me. He helped me with my homework, taught me history and helped me improve my math skills, a subject which used to intimidate me.”

During the first months of their friendship, they built a bike for Stefan together, out of old parts found at a dump, and Werner taught him how to ride it. They also went swimming together. At first, Stefan could not swim yet, but his swimming skills soon matched Werner’s.

During the summer holidays, they saw each other every day. They met at a peaceful spot near a lake. Werner had a small boat and they used it for trips on the lake. So far, Werner had only occasionally stroked Stefan’s head or given him a kiss on the cheeks when saying hello or goodbye.

Stefan’s grandma was okay with the idea that he spent the weekends at Werner’s place. Stefan especially enjoyed taking long and luscious baths. Werner seemed to like looking at him and drying his skin and hair.

Werner was always creating new ideas of things they could do together.

“He led me throught the museums of our town and took me to every concert nearby. I owe him my love of classical music, my interest in anything related to history, and he disclosed the world of literature to me.

Later on, we also went on trips over land during the holidays, and always ended up in the Alps.

I loved him and he loved me. I was aware of this whenever we were together. We were often sitting together in the same big chair. I was sitting on his lap, and he was telling me stories that he knew from some book. I found it very pleasant to cuddle up against him and to hear his voice, while his hand was stroking me. It was a feeling of security.”

One night, Stefan wanted this feeling of security to last a bit longer and he urged Werner to share his bed with him, which he did. Werner took Stefan in his arms and stroked his back.

“Then he asked me if he could kiss me. He had kissed me on the cheek or the forehead quite often before. This time it was different though: he kissed me on the mouth. I was surprised and a bit startled, I guess, but I soon started to like it. And I enjoyed the way he stroked me. His hand had wandered from my back to my bottom. He was stroking my legs and I sensed his arousal. But I liked it.”

Stefan sensed that it would please Werner if he undressed and he was not mistaken. Werner started kissing his naked body. At first, he was a bit irritated by this, and he felt embarrassed when Werner took his penis into his mouth, but he also felt a kind of joy he had never experienced before.

“I felt good and I wanted him to continue for ever. […] Now I realize that it probably was my first orgasm.”

After this first experience, they had many such encounters during the weekends at Werner’s place. During the holidays, but also on normal days, when Stefan visited him. Werner always was the active partner and he essentially limited the sexual encounters to him caressing, stroking and kissing Stefan. He never asked Stefan to satisfy him in return.

This relationship lasted for two years, until Werner’s company transferred him to the United States.

“Saying goodbye was terrible for both of us. So far it has been the saddest thing that I ever experienced in my life. He did write me every week, and sent me money. He tried to have me come over to the USA. We had to wait one year before we saw each other again.”