And boy, the fun I had

Carleton Gajdusek († December 12, 2008), an American doctor and Nobel laureate, reports on his relationship with his uncle. Gajdusek has been accused of having initiated intimate contact with several boys himself. In 1997, Gajdusek pleaded guilty to this in a court proceeding. The below report stems from the documentary The Genius and the Boys by Bosse Lindquist. At the end of the film, Lindquist reports that during the investigation seven people who claimed to have had sexual contact with Gajdusek as a boy were identified. Three of them retrospectively view these experiences as problematic, four as positive.

This is an excerpt from the interview that Lindquist had with Gajdusek in the course of his research for his documentary film about the life of the Nobel Prize winner “The Genius and the Boys”.

Transcript of the dialogue in the documentary:

Lindquist: How were you as a kid?

Gajdusek: The same way! The first time, I told everybody ten times, it’s in my journal. My uncle took me, I know exactly it was a few days before my seventh birthday, maybe a few weeks, in Slovakia, in my father’s birthhouse.

We’d take baths together in the tub, you know. And immediately for the first time having an erect cock near me and all that. And boy, the fun I had. I played with him and everything else. 100% I seduced him! He was just having a bath with me and got a little erection. I didn’t let him go apeace. I’d have such a crush on him that this 17-year-old girl tells me: “Stop making him embarassed”.

He was the first goddamn person I met who didn’t stand in awe and wanted to display me and record me because of my goddamn intellect. He loved my body and I loved that! He was the first one who gave me pride. He’s the greatest man in my life. If any of fifty other people [incomprehensible] would have just once tried to play with mee – boy, how much happier I would have been, at ten, eleven, twelve. I dreamt about it, hoped about it, and they wouldn’t do it!