Well, this is me. I build stuff.
Currently I'm spending all my waking/working hours on polkadot-js. I prefer to spend time where I can add real value, here I do. I am lucky enough that Parity keeps me around and allows me to pursue efforts outside the core as the maintainer for this project.
When not building, I am an active user of the same interfaces and libraries I have had a hand in developing on Kusama and Polkadot. In a certain sense I'm the chief lab-rat for enhancements to improve the experience for both end-users and developers.
  • Talking is easy. I prefer letting my actions speak for me.
  • I am not a maximalist. Not on the blockchain, not in life.
  • In blockchain I am a holder, validator, nominator, developer and employee. In that order.
  • In life I am a father, husband and developer. In that order... well, I try.
  • I am human. I am not perfect. I make mistakes. I try not to.
In the decentralized world, we have a lot of work left - sadly I sometimes swear at myself since we are not moving fast enough. And a lot of times I just swear at myself since I am not iterating fast enough. I would love to see:
Blockchains sharing security and messages; Blockchain governance that is action driven; Linking of decentralized technologies; Stability on Polkadot and risk-taking on Kusama; Making decentralized technologies easy to use for "normal" people; Web3 to grow into the promise it has made.