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The International Office is a global organization of high-level aviation professionals who are committed to enhanche safety and security standards in Aviation. 
You all know what Aviation Industry is now experiencing:
overbooked (and dangerously crowded) aircraft, unreliable manufacturers, deregulated prices (both in the high and in the low zones), unlicensed operators acting like "clubs": You often have to become a member in order to book a private flight, without knowing that even in this case an Air Operator Certificate issued by the competent Aviation Authority has to be obtained by them. Generally they simply don't hold it.
Are You sure that a so styled organization will be capable to achieve the highest standards in safety and security?

Our mission is to act as the most relevant opinion maker for manufacturers, authorities and operators: our team of experts is in charge to act as trendsetters inside the Industry. We are now enforcing a decentralized approach in order to mantain the highest possible level of independency for both our staff and our platforms. 
Having been the prototype of a decentralized entity since its creation, the International Office has actually a representative headquarter in Montecarlo (MC) where our meetings are held.
In the contacts section below You will be able to interact directly with our experts.
Our services are available for a wide range of people and they are not limited to VHNWI only. 

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Fly and work safely without wasting a second
All dapps require the free metamask browser extension connected to the Rinkeby network. It is available for Chrome, Firefox and Brave.

Time Tracking

Accurate and simple time tracking. Task-based blockchain based estimation.

Message Board

Read news and messages delivered directly on the blockchain

Flight Sharing

Book effectively private flights on a blockchain based system. 

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With this app my company can track checkin and checkout time from many facilities in a trackable way 

James Dorian


It is now possible to broadcast messages that simply cannot be modified, delated or lost. This is the feature I needed

Amy Jackson 


Booking flights with the option to pay in crypto should be the Industry standard. The blockchain can't overbook.

Jane Carter