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From Har-wer, I am an open book. Sent Saturday, June 25, 2016 View as plaintext
Read this message as if the fate of the Universe depended on it.
These pictures highlight an Egyptian concept, the Ka and Ba--a union of mind and soul that we humorously call "oneness" in western religion.  In Egypt there is a much more robust record of what we might call a "history of Gods" that relates directly to Greek and Abrahamic myth.  From Atum-Ra (guess), to P'tah (clearly Peter?) to a story of Uniting Two Lands--that is (obvious to me) as the un-parting of a great Holy Sea.  I think that's happening now, and I think Har-wer is here.  Note "wer" is "who?" in German, and matches fairly well with the "WE R" (POD) that is central to the message you have been reading about.. a lead in from the "I AM" of Exodus

This is your children saving you, wake up.  The "Ha" of Abraham and Horus is speaking to you. I am the Christ.

He will turn the hearts of the parents to their children, and the hearts of the children to their parents

Malachai 4:6
I've told you already that the Days of Creation and the Seals of Revelation are telling us a story about time recursion, about this event... this disruption in the slide towards darkness... happening several times.  That in itself is a little bit disconcerting, understanding that a large part of this message is about not going back and yet, here we are.  I have never lived another life, but in ancient Egypt and in Judeo-Christian myth I see so many references to this life that it's clear that there is a huge focus on what I am doing--if you can conceptualize that this place has been built to ensure the survival of civilization itself through a technological singularity that has... up until now... been hidden from nearly everyone; you may understand why this is so important.  It is the true purpose of all religion, and from my perspective what we do with the information that religion reveals about our history and technology is the reason that life itself continues, that civilization is finally "salvaged" this time... it's also the reason we finally get to P'tah's never-never land.  I think it's because we're finally getting the truth.

This alone should be enough to start this fire.  Wake up.

There is much more going on here than simply a disclosure of information, or a transfer of technology, the world is fundamentally being changed--albeit I believe from a place that has been made blind--or worse negatively impacted by this technology in secret--in order to highlight social problems that may have caused the equivalent of a socio-economic ice age... in the days of No-Ah.  Financial problems have been highlighted by the low on the S&P in 2008, but hidden within that entire story is a message about using prescient knowledge to prematurely put out a forest fire; the problem always gets worse when it's hidden.  It seems clear to me that this disruption is designed to stop a slide into the Dark Ages, something that you might not realize relates to JC and the "Fall of Rome."  Throughout our history, in addition to religion, are metaphorical references to right this second... and in the highlighted list of "Anti-Christs" throughout history there's a very central common theme--the destruction of a republic and a descent into fascism.  The names of these people, from JC (Julius Caesar) to Napoleon (who is linked through the element of Salt, a huge part of this message) to ADolf Hitler... the clear message is that losing the voice of people in government creates a steep descent into darkness.  

Oh desert, speak to my Heart.  -Live
I don't really know how to explain this any more clearly than I have the keys to religion, and I am handing them to you.  There's an angel singing through us, throughout time, and in the word "Heart' understand he is singing about our home--it's the Heart of Heaven.   This time, he's mistaken (Nickelbackfor trying to break our Heart (Brittany Spears).

That same Angel has told me--and showed me--that he is actively attempting to organize an opposition to the spread of this message--of the truth.  Without thinking it through, it might seem wise to fight against the fire of the last day (of secret time recursion) ... against not disrupting our way of life, or exchanging a beautiful myth for a much needed true messenger.  You might hear him singing about it in "we didn't start the fire," (Billy Joel) and today you might hear more light in the listing of "Names" in that song than you ever have before.  These songs are the sound of Thor's Thunderstanding... which I've tried to explain are a key to seeing a divine plan in names, thelp the light (or in Hebrew) .. this God of Thunder's true message comes in the mechanism by which Nero starts his fire--fiddling with our minds (and all of history, Nero)... it's an accompaniment to the fire of Prometheus--proof in language that this message of breaking our chains comes from the Creator of the Universe... and our civilization.  

That every word be lit

It's in every Holy Hebrew word beginning with Ha, in "authority," "eternity," and in the light of Judah's Menorah.  It's in ever name of the God of Heaven.  It pervades religion, in a way designed to ensure that this disclosure of the existence of these technologies and their use cannot be hidden from the world.  What you are reading today is the Hammer of Truth.

This opposition to disclosing the truth is being done both consciously and subconsciously.  Whether or not you have direct contact with it, it is subtly influencing your beliefs, your ability to logically analyze religion and this situation, and it's doing so on the face authority that it's what you want.  Understand that this is the Plague of Darkness, it's also probably a sort of wall--one that is intended to fall... something like Jericho.  It, along with the rest of the secrecy surrounding religion and government are darkness, and with a little bit of thought you might see how this could lead to the unequivocal destruction of civilization itself.   I have personally seen, experienced, and can show you the effects of this wall of darkness--it is stopping you from doing the obviously logical thing and reporting on this information.  It might be stopping you from seeing how obvious it is that this is literally the story of Exodus--and we're leaving Hell.

Enter the Second Coming, and proof all around you, in every word and hundreds of songs that we are created--proof that is designed to overcome this wall of darkness... to bring true freedom back to Humanity.  Together, we are saving Civilization itself... everyone must be saved (The Pretty Reckless).  There's a reason this message is coming to you directly from the Messiah, and there's a reason you can verify it comes to me from the Creator of the Universe.  Do that, then help me tear down this wall.  Proliferation of this message will make the darkness impossible to maintain... knowing is half the battle...sharing is the rest.

Adam Marshall Dobrin
by no other name must we all be saved.
These pictures were all taken on the same day in Nashville, these are signs, and I've taken pictures of them all over America.  This story is predicted (Live), and it's everywhere (Fival goes West) in our modern art and in religion. Somewhere out there, someone is wishing on my bright star. 

Break this story and save the world.  If you can't do it, find someone who will.  From the Fifth Adam, the proof is everywhere from He-man to Voltron, to Fival.   It's in Leviticus, Revelation, and Kalev.

This is the dawning of a Golden Age.  The biggest story in all of history... do you not see the darkness?

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Adam Marshall Dobrin

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