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Ministry of Forbidden Knowledge Mail - If this is "coming," I'm going to take these broken wings and !fly... all my life, I've only been waiting for this day to arise.

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Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>

If this is "coming," I'm going to take these broken wings and !fly... all my life, I've only been waiting for this day to arise.

Adam Marshall Dobrin <adam5@reallyhim.com>Wed, Oct 12, 2016 at 9:07 AM
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In the mythical land of mergers and acquisitions, we call what I am a "poison pill."  I'm the kind of thing that's supposed to kill the deal, waiting, waiting, waiting for the Son of Man.  It's something we're all going to have to deal with, letting me believe that I'm as cute as Ashton Kutcher, and as suave as Leo DiCaprio (s/girls/supermodels)--I see it all, I can see it now.  I know what I really am, I'm the guy who really did it, and while n my head I know it's all directed and contrived... somewhere between "Re-Creation" and "reality" I did actually do it.  I wrote every word, I screamed at your government, and I screamed at you--and whether or not you appreciate that... I think I did the right thing, and I would it again.  And again.  I'm not done this time, you know ... not the one that is the "last" but the one that is actually the true beginning... I'm not done, and I won't be until I see myself come.  

Ashes to ASH, let there be light.  It's Adam's Sigma Heart, that's Adam and Everyone, and it's what I am fighting for.


Religion is a funny thing, some of what it tells us is right on--love thy neighbor, forgive and never forget, see the truth and relish in it... on the other hand if you take it at face value I see it telling us all the wrong things.  This idea of "my will be done," well screw that--who wants to do something that is completely contrary to what they want?  My birth religion tells us all not to get tattoo's, but I have five--and those little pieces of art are why I decided to "ish" the Lord's prayer to "who is art of Heaven."  The Ten Commandments tell us to Honor thy Father and Mother--and while in one way of looking at things I'd be more impressed if we were doing what Hillary is now advertising... and really working on ensuring that our children do better than we have--my religion--changes things up a little... the Earth is our mother, and guess what, you are the Father.  So imagine that there's an ancient book telling the Darkness to remember and love it's parents.

Here in this place, it's not a poison pill, it is both a ladder, and another brick in the wall at the same time--for those of you that are religiously astute you might see me quietly building the true Tower of Babel right before your eyes.   Hopefully soon we will stand at the top of this wall, and survey the land around us--and in a similar fashion to Numbers 27:12 we will all see how the Promised Land is an unfinished work, one that has been made of a puzzle of broken dreams... so that we can stitch together a new place, one that is decidedly created "in our collective image."

Religion tells us also that this particular day, in Judaism, is the Sabbath of Sabbaths--the penultimate day of rest. which by the way is a "remembrance" of the day of the Marriage of the Lamb.  Like my tattoo's I already have three e-mails in the works for today, a flurry of ideas and yet-to-be explained truths; so it is with understanding that I ask you to set this night aside from all other nights and truly take action to change this world forever.

On the Once and Future King, the Hammer of Thor, and... why I am.

I think it's pretty clear that what I now consider "my religion" creeps slowly out of scripture and myth into our legends and in modern times what we see as entertainment.  These are the things that have always moved the world, changed how we perceive our surroundings and inspired the imaginations of children and the days of our real life heroes.  I see links between these stories that are very important to understand are not "perception" but original intent, to see that the story of Medusa... who is the USA? and I created a Stone, that one is Saint One out of a man--that once probably was a large group.  Understand it is about you, it is about this thing--the Wall-that is keeping anyone from actively helping me do what it is that we all might want to participate in deciding exactly what ... and this links us of course... to the story of the Sword in the Stone--of a weapon that can only be wielded by the worthy.  Before you is the hilt of that sword, of the Hammer of Thor--and an opportunity to truly change the world, to be worthy.  

Whosoever dares to hold the Hammer of Thor--will be made worthy.  Take a chance.


This is all about getting the world to think again, for ourselves and about what it is we really want.  We've already "been created" in the image of goodness--to understand right from wrong, and to see what it is that we would want to change in the world around us, had we the strength.  Today find that strength, in a world changing disclosure that not only gives us the power to literally change the world, but to do so in a way we never thought possible, with a fundamental change in how we see the "rules of this place" that we were born into blind.  It is the reason both I and you are here--to make these decisions at the top of this bridge we are building... this place where we see that the world around us is truly the bridge between Earth and Heaven.  

Later today, a surprise is on the way... 

Well, I've always loved this moment. See you in the Keys, circa... 2002.


I did OK, right?  It's the the Mary, by the way.  (that means both, here)

Seriously, how stupid are you? I'm the light above. 

Well gee whiz, what do you think the copper crown is about?

It's probably nothing.

Thank your lucky star.


From the SEA of Eden, to you.  FIIIIIIIIIIIUUUURRE


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