Our Expertise

Providing complete training and integrated solution to peoples and non-profit organisms in need. Starting with hosting and consulting we'll expand the portfolio in the near future


Provinding public services, script, consultation and walkthrough in addition to other training services. With the future addition of community nodes/servers to take advantage of the mensual spare bandwith, we want to democatize accces to the latest innovation.


Learning with computers requires an afinity with the machine, this grow with usage and discoveries. In our work we all learned valuable lessons, it's our way of giving back. The coaching and mentoring of the younger one is a game changer for us all.


Non-profits and person in needs requires high quality services too. We are here to help them achieve their IT goals while not interfering with their mission.


End-to-End solution for all, in a timely manner. Don't spend on software, we use open and/or free softwares only. In the last 20 years, things as changed, public softwares are now the building blocks used in every devices that we all use every day.

Encouraging S.T.E.M: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

Everyone of us, started our career because we had access to these blocks.
Access to learning material is vital for the developpement of everybody.

It's only normal that we encourage and provide class material in that perspective.

Most kids start building with classics constructions blocks while some others transforms ordinary objects into pure art.
(applied S.T.E.M in both cases)
When you offer a child, the missing links for their understanding, they tend to stay curious about their surroundings.

Curiosity is a key to a child brain, the imagination and creativity will do the rest.

From tutorials to source codes, with online training, public services and tools, we'll change the way people interact with the internet.

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Meet our team

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Crypto Donators


Donations sure count as a useful part of this endeavour. Thank you.


Yanick Yvinec

Founder & Consultant

After 20 years helping others with every IT needs, i taught i should make it a mission for those REALLY in need.


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Coming Soon

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Our toolbox

Well known and accessible tools from the community, at the services of the communities. We encourage everyone to learn how to use them.

Embedded Micro Controller programming tutorials. If you want to learn more about the Arduino community, <a href='https://arduino.cc'>arduino.cc</a> is a good start.
Internet of Things, robotics and prototyping. Thanks to the Raspberry Pi foundation, access to the powerfull ARM architecture is now a very playful adventure. With a rich community, building amazing project for the plateform is easy, it's even in space onboard the <a href='https://www.raspberrypi.org/blog/astro-pi-upgrades/'>International Space Station</a> since 2015. Don't worry it got upgraded since then...
Linux integration service.
Internet of Values: What are the technologies behind it and how it's already reshapping our world is quite special, learning how information specialist are using these technologies to solve problems.
IPFS Distributed Web migration and training on practical usages and limitations
NodeJs hosting, tutorials and training
W3C: The World Wide Web Consortium already provides high quality material(Thank you), we'll translate some to french, while linking some more ressources.
Docker Containers

Contact US

While we are getting ready, some features are not yet enabled(Forms are not delivering to anybody and using a temporary Crypted Mail Servers), please come back in 2020.



Temporary secure mail info@interstellar.cc

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