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Asian Plum

Asian Plum

  1. 1. Healing Properties
    1. 1.1. Antioxidant
    2. 1.2. Antiinflammatory
    3. 1.3. Liver protection
  2. 2. Disease / Symptom Treatment
    1. 2.1. Cirrhosis
    2. 2.2. Hepatitis
    3. 2.3. Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

Asian Plum (Ume fruits, or Umeboshi) The term Asian plum may refer to two varieties of stone fruit from East Asia: Prunus mume, Prunus salicina.[1] Both varieties are used in traditional Chinese medicine. Prunus mume extract is a potent oral antimicrobial agent that can be used to control or prevent dental diseases associated with several oral pathogenic bacteria. P. mume extract administered during endurance exercise training may enhance the oxidative capacity of exercising skeletal muscle, and may induce the muscle to prefer fatty acids for its fuel use rather than amino acids or carbohydrates, thus assisting endurance.

Healing Properties



Liver protection

(Liver Health) Lowers liver enzymes.

Disease / Symptom Treatment



Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease

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