The Year Ahead – Part 1: Currency

01/11/202131 Comments

I don’t need to tell you that we are living through world-historical times right now. The frequency of world-changing events is accelerating even as the impact of these events on our day-to-day lives is increasing.

As Lenin rightly observed: “There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen.” Perhaps there are years in which centuries happen.

With that in mind, I am taking my annual look at the year ahead and splitting it into three parts.

In this first installment, I will look at the tectonic shifts that are taking place in the global monetary space and consider what these changes portend for the future of the world economy.

Next week, I will examine the ongoing (generated) COVID crisis and what we can expect as the Era of Biosecurity continues to unfold.

Finally, I will turn my attention to world geopolitics, analyzing the types of conflicts that we can expect to see over the course of this year and explaining how these conflicts will set the stage for even more dramatic events over the course of the decade.

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  1. HomeRemedySupply says:

    From James Corbett’s 1/11/2021 article The Year Ahead – Part 1: Currency…

    …The answer, as always, lies not in how we can engineer a better system of centralized control.
    The answer lies in decentralizing to a point where the centralized system is ridiculous and redundant, like daily newspaper delivery in the age of the internet.

    So how do we go about doing this? Well, given that 2021 is the year of the People’s Reset, this is precisely the subject I’m going to be examining in a series of reports in the near future.
    The short-term answer will involve setting up emergency community trading mechanisms that will be able to keep us alive in our local area as we begin the plunge into the profound economic dislocation that will be starting this year.

    The longer term strategy will involve truly understanding the most fundamental question of all: What is money?….

  2. Ukdavec says:

    To follow on from the recommendation from James, anthropologist David Graeber explores the ways debt has shaped society over 5,000 years in this BBC radio documentary.

    Highly recommended companion to the book.

  3. biek says:

    Nice one… Set up Credit Unions and encourage people to anticipate food shortages and grow food… How does the Monty Python skit put it? ” You should bow down to me – I am your king !”. “We are a democratic shit-shovelling co-op and we don’t need your sort. So bugger off !”

  4. herrs says:

    One reason for this end of the currencies, is the coming “Energy cliff”. It will make it important to be able to live outside the collapsing system.

  5. truthseeker9 says:

    Go back to Plato’s description of the nature of money.

    Read Stephen Zarlenga’s book “The Lost Science of Money”..please. has had a bill for years that would have fixed the US monetary system. I think it could and should have been made simpler even, but it is/was a real solution.

    For 20 years I have heard researchers of money, completely misunderstand the nature of money, and ignore the real history of money…before all the money masters manipulations.

    Fiat, paper, from thin air, central banks, gold standard, centralized vs decentralized,….all misunderstood, IMHO

    Real organic sovereign money is so simple a thing that it confounds nearly everyone today.

    • truthseeker9 says:

      Aristotle also had a good understanding of the nature of money; and he knew the proper meaning of fiat.

      Fiat is a good thing. Gold standard and the monetization of commodities of high intrinsic value is a mistake.

      How we define “money” determines how it works and who controls it.

      • urthp says:

        Once you accept JP Morgans definition of money = physical gold and all else is credit, things become clearer.
        Currency is popular credit.
        USD credit is based on a stick & carrot global management principal.
        The leading planetary assassins guilds work for the Banking Cabal.
        This Cabal is the keeper of the central credit ledger of final reference. The ledger figures/data are whatever they say they are.
        Buy your next car with gold or silver (actual money) to get a sense of physical reality, as opposed to virtual (paper) reality.
        You are blowing the coop when you do this. = loose chickens in fast getaway cars.

      • taxpayer says:

        Let me endorse truthseeker9’s recommendation of “The Lost Science of Money,” which helped me understand how money works. The book is now available for free download on The plan was endorsed by, among others, Ron Paul and Dennis Kucinich.

  6. scpat says:

    Attended my first ever International Freedom Cell Call over Zoom today. Very good timing with Corbett’s newsletter about solutions. Approximately 180 people attended. The need for and the benefit of Freedom Cells and building community was discussed. We broke off into 8-person groups and shared ideas about growing our own food and food security generally. There was a lot of idea sharing and networking. Very good experience.

  7. rob.h says:

    I think the youtube – best evidence does a good job of making monetary policy simple and showing what is going to happen soon. As for a solution, I think BCH is already there. There are also token systems on EOS that have merit. BTC is already taken over by bankers, LTC is pre-mined google crap and the others are mostly banker options of a different color or too small for current needs. Monero may be good, but needs to become way bigger and is on the hit list by the powers to be. BCH has already become big and is widely accepted.. aka – at amazon. Not that I recommend Amazon, but it is a start.

    With this being said, can you create an overall solution list ? then we can focus it. Because there are a lot of needs out there.. email/food/clothes/discussion platforms..

    Thanks for the good stuff James.

    • di says:

      Surely ethereum should get a mention? ETH 2.0 will be more decentralised than EOS and privacy projects are emerging, which could do a better job than privacy coins since they are harder to outlaw.

      • rob.h says:

        I just think ETH has some serious tech. issues that will take a while to correct. If it works, great. But, from what little I know, it isn’t looking promising.. and with that said.. I didn’t realize Dan L. just left EOS for his own – censor less media -.. ? really.. now what?

  8. Shafi says:

    Thank you James for the article. May I introduce Sheikh Imran Hosein, an eighty year old Islamic scholar who has been teaching the subject of usury or Riba as it is called in Arabic for more than three decades. His expertise is Islamic Eschatology. He studied international Monetary Economics when he was young at the postgraduate level in Geneva and is therefore credible to teach the subject.

    This was a recent lecture he delivered at a public gathering in the UK in 2019. I think the Islamic teaching on Riba (usury) may interest both yourself and the Corbett Report community. It may be a long lecture but he is a brilliant speaker. I hope it is relevant and benefits those who want to know the Islamic perspective.

    The organisers have titled the lecture The Merchant of Venice.

  9. hbihun says:

    The answer lies in occupying a jail cell and staying there. Non co-operation. We have the numbers to stop this peacefully but we do not have the courage to give up everything we have for future generations.

  10. Control Savvy says:

    Perhaps it would be a good idea to look at the history of what people have actually done to overcome shortages due to some kind of natural or manmade catastrophe.

    A few years ago I witnessed how a relatively small group of young anarchists calling themselves Occupy Sandy, coordinated the emergency response of moving food, water, clothing and other necessities from areas in New York City that were not affected by Hurricane Sandy ( October 29, 2012) to areas that were devastated. They set up a website within hours and had organizations and individuals connecting through the website to donate, collect, ferry, and distribute goods and services to hard hit areas. The Red Cross and Fema didn’t arrive on the scene until days later. It was amazing what they accomplished simply by coordinating haves with have nots.

    Of course, this was a temporary, local issue, and I am aware that a sudden, widespread catastrophe and sustained breakdown in services would not have such a Kumbaya outcome, but it helps to examine how humans in the past have solved the problems we foresee in a possible, probable, (but never guaranteed) future.

  11. gauntlet33 says:

    @James, just wanted to say that I’m very happy about the new “SolutionsWatch” videos you’ll be posting. So many people are fixated on the doom and gloom (perhaps including myself) that it’s easy to forget that it’s important to stay on the course of searching for solutions. On that note, I love your videos and connecting to a face and voice, but I wanted to also say that I love reading text as it’s easier for me to scan for the information I’m looking for so I encourage you to continue to do both.

    Also, I haven’t read this article yet, and I will in the next hour, but I wanted to again put the idea out there that we’ll likely have to transact our lives in a dual currency format…one in a local currency for trade with like-minded agorists, and in the national currency in order to stay current with our property taxes (even if we’re “off the grid” and no longer paying for utilities such as gas, water, electricity, and internet), so I think people should start thinking about how they can make a living under both formats, and if you can do that, you’ll likely be more financially successful.

    • cu.h.j says:

      You’ll have to have someone making money to transact with the slave system for a while till the new one(s) are up and running in my opinion.

      I’m building a house that has on the grid capability but also going to have solar (will be expensive) and once that’s up will use the solar. I’ll have a well too. I imagine I would have to have money to pay property tax through even though this is indeed theft it’s not the hill I’m ready to die on.

      I will be keeping my job, for now, to pay for this property development.

      • gauntlet33 says:

        I’m also going to dig 2 wells for water (one for home use and the second as a backup and to water vegetations), but electricity will have to come from the utilities as the Southeast US is unfortunately too overcast for reliable solar power.

  12. Jason says:

    If anyone still hasn’t seen it check out Bill Stills’ documentary called “The Money Masters”. It takes you through a long and VERY interesting history of money and banking / the battle between the people and central banks. James takes a look at this doc in Episode 005 of Corbett Report.

  13. mkey says:

    Solutions to the Illusion of Money – Mark Passio – What on Earth is Happening #98

  14. HomeRemedySupply says:

    The following video should go on this THREAD about CURRENCY…

    Jerry Day Create your own currency

    Jerry Day gets into the very important subject of currency. This topic ties in with LEGAL self issued credit which can be used with trusted associates. It is a pretty good presentation.

  15. HomeRemedySupply says:

    “Press For Truth” Dan Dicks interviews Derrick Broze
    Monday – January 11th

    Announcing “THE GREATER RESET” Join Us January 25th-29th 2021!!!
    (19 minutes)

    This was a nice conversation and touched on many topics.

  16. HomeRemedySupply says:

    Ron Paul recently interviewed that well known business journalist Daniela Cambone, who once was on Kitco News.

    Are Gold & Crypto Going To Have a Big Year? — With Daniela Cambone
    (23 minutes)

    Stansberry Research journalist, Daniela Cambone, joins the Liberty Report to discuss crypto, gold, silver and other metals.
    With the Fed feverishly counterfeiting dollars, are we headed for a big year for these assets?

  17. kyle says:

    Here is a new system for private, digital currency that is the ultimate in open source, scalable, decentralized money.

    The intro is a quick 3 minute read:

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