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How to De-Google – #SolutionsWatch

04/27/202198 Comments

Remember when Google was just a search engine? In the age of Gmail and Google Drive and Google Maps and GooTube and Google phones, it’s truly unsettling to think how much of the average person’s online activity is now directly feeding the Google data behemoth. Today on #SolutionsWatch, James talks to Rob Braxman (The Internet Privacy Guy) about how to de-Google, and why protecting your privacy online is so important.

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Forging Vaccine Passports – #SolutionsWatch

04/22/2021179 Comments

We all know that vaccine passports are the end of human liberty, but what do we do about it? As usual, the black market is stepping into provide AN answer, but is it THE answer? Join James for this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch as he examines whether fake certificates and sink-squirting doctors are the real, structural solution to this emerging problem.

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Choosing Chickens – #SolutionsWatch

04/14/202152 Comments

Today on #SolutionsWatch James talks to Jack Spirko of The Survival Podcast about how to choose the best chicken breed for your back yard or homestead and what such a seemingly simple choice can teach us about the principles of permaculture.

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Stand in the Park – #SolutionsWatch

04/06/202139 Comments

It is a sign of a sick society when people are told to stay indoors, avoid breathing fresh air and receive experimental medical interventions for their health. If the benefits of fresh air and natural sunlight for human health has to be debated, is their any hope left for our civilization? After watching me stand in the park in today’s episode of #SolutionsWatch, I highly recommend you turn off your electronic device and try it for yourself.

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Salting Your Data – #SolutionsWatch

03/31/202150 Comments

You don’t give your real data when you’re signing up for things online, do you? Well, perhaps you shouldn’t. Join James for this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch where he goes over the benefits of salting your data.

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Flashmobs for Freedom – #SolutionsWatch

03/23/202143 Comments

We’ve all heard of flash mobs, but can they be used for more than just organizing pillow fights in Times Square? Join James for this week’s edition of  #SolutionsWatch as he explores how freedom fighters are using flash mobs to carve out a space for normal human interaction in these increasingly insane times.

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Homesteading – #SolutionsWatch

03/16/202142 Comments

Everyone knows that the urban wasteland is the frontline of the coming technocratic tyranny, and, in the age of biosecurity, a place where it is becoming harder to maintain a life of independence or achieve community with like-minded people. Today Curtis Stone, formerly known as The Urban Farmer, joins us today to discuss how he is creating a homestead in a rural area to provide food, water, energy and shelter for his family and discuss how others can explore the homesteading solution.

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Investing in Agorism – #SolutionsWatch

03/09/2021100 Comments

We all want to stop feeding the beast, but how do we go about doing it? Today Patrick writes in to ask about the ins and outs of agorist investing. Joining us to start the conversation on agorist investment solutions are Tim “The Liberty Advisor” Picciot, Jack “The Survival Podcast” Spirko and Sal “The Agorist” Mayweather.

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How to Present Info for Visual Learners – #SolutionsWatch

03/02/202157 Comments

A picture is worth a thousand words, and it is often the case that a well-crafted image can get the point across much more effectively than a lengthy diatribe. Joining us to demonstrate this concept is the author of “Government — The Biggest Scam in History,” which makes the case in a compelling, image-based way that government of every flavour has been a scam of inter-generational organized crime since the beginning.

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Really Simple Syndication – #SolutionsWatch

02/23/202142 Comments

#SolutionsWatch isn’t just about the Big Ideas. It’s also about the simple tricks, tips and techniques that we can use to regain power over our lives and help create the world we want. Today, James explores one very simply and tragically under-appreciated tool: Really Simple Syndication.

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