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01/12/202117 Comments

In this inaugural edition of #SolutionsWatch, James talks to John Bush, the host of Live Free Now with John Bush and an activist who founded the Freedom Cell Network to help like-minded solutions-oriented freedom lovers meet, organize and collaborate. Now, he is co-organizing The Greater Reset Activation conference which is due to take place later this month. We talk to him about these different projects and how people can get involved to start taking back power into their own hands.

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Introducing #SolutionsWatch

Live Free Now with John Bush

The Freedom Cell Solution with Derrick Broze

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Episode 387 – Your Guide to The Great Reset

The Greater Reset

Interview 1609 – James Corbett on Resisting the Great Reset

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  1. spider says:

    Corbetteers that want to join a Members of Corbett Report freedom cell. Go to, search for corbetteers and mention Corbett in your request.

    • Vanessa says:

      Cheers @spider ! Will do.

    • HomeRemedySupply says:

      Here is the previous SUB-THREAD of Corbett Report Members discussing FREEDOMCELL.ORG and CORBETTEERS where Spider took initiative action…

      Corbett Member Suzt says:
      “This is easy folks….I even did it!

      1. Create an account on
      2. Update your profile with your address/location (this will show up on the Member’s Map

      —-(Suggested in this Corbett/Bush interview to use a nearby park/public center location for security reasons)
      3. Search for our new cell: corbetteers
      4. Request membership in Corbetteers.

      We can exchange email addresses privately via their message/note facility.

      Thank you Spyder for initiating this!”

    • spider says:

      This freedom cell is now public.

  2. Vanessa says:

    Love the new show, James, and John was a super choice as your inaugural guest. Already on thanks to you introducing me to Derrick months ago, but was not aware that a Corbetteers group had formed as I’ve been busy with my own little cell which, although we’ve only been able to meet weekly on Jitsi thus far, has proved to be invaluable to me these last few months. Forming a watch party for The Greater Reset will definitely be on our agenda this week. We had planned an in-person gathering after the holidays anyway, so this is the perfect excuse to get together in the flesh.

    Take care of yourself, brother, you are doing yeoman’s work.

  3. padraig says:

    hey suddenly all kinds sprouting near and in toronto! good stuff. i’ve started one just east of the city. i’ve likely fucked up all the settings! nice!

  4. pfunk says:

    I’d like to share one effort I’ve been involved with over the past few months within my Bay Area freedom cell. We’ve been developing flyers about the pandemic, lockdowns, and most recently the vaccine. Our initial debut of the first two flyers was handing them out near a transit center. The vaccine flyer has both a slick one-sided version and longer-form flyer. The former can be shared online and leads to a blog page with all of the flyers that have more detailed discussions and references. Bottom line is that we need to figure out ways to disseminate information that is being buried by the MSM. Feel free to download and use within your local communities:

    • spider says:

      The problem I see with the pdf flyer Problems with the Pandemic is that it might be too much for many to read. I always try to be succinct. Also it helps to target the message towards a 6th grade education.

      • HomeRemedySupply says:

        That is how I try to format my flyers also.
        Mostly, I try to give links…places to go for info.

        Now I do front and back on the flyer.

        My next print batch will be re-designed and simpler.
        I will take off some script and a link or two, but maybe add a few more buttons.

      • pfunk says:

        Fair point. It’s always a balance act between not sharing enough information and saying too much. All of the flyers contain thought provoking discussion and links to find citations for further exploration. Everyone’s approach will be different in how we spread the truth. The point is that we have to all do our parts in getting the word out there. Well thought out arguments that are researched will open the minds of some and add numbers to our cause.

        On a side note, if anyone wants the Word documents to modify for their own purposes I’m happy to share. This is very much an open source effort.

        • HomeRemedySupply says:

          pfunk says:
          Everyone’s approach will be different in how we spread the truth.
          The point is that we have to all do our parts in getting the word out there.

          Spot on. Amen to that!

    • gauntlet33 says:

      Great flyers! I especially like that the open-ended questions so that people can come to their own conclusions.

  5. Al Saleh says:

    This is a great initiative, and John is a wonderful guest (and host).

    here is my contribution to the greater reset initiative:

    • suzt says:

      Al Saleh… this is the FIRST time I’ve seen what looks like a doable local internet. Please tell us more.
      1. Is this up and running and if so how many users?
      2. Approx. how many hours to set this up, including email and user accounts?
      3. How many hours a week of maintenance?
      4. Approximate cost for total set up: hardware versus labor
      anything else I forgot to ask?

      Thank you!

  6. Peripatêtikos says:

    Ugh. “The mother of my children” is just plain wince-inducing. Not outright hyper-ventilation, mind you, but a tart, eye-watering wince.

    Pause. Consider the prospect of further wincing. Look at show notes. Okay. Enough.

    Life is just too dad-gum short. Millennials and younger ones need to learn the English language, and see pretentiousness for the dead and deadly thing it is.

  7. bladtheimpaler says:

    While building community with like minded individuals is a great idea to act upon I question if these groups will be left to their own ways by a reset that states ‘No one left behind’. I think the idea of small cells without a designated leader is a superb idea. As in ‘We are are an unaffiliated group of citizens concerned with the lack of democracy in this community’ to then take back the narrative from the change agents that infest all levels and departments of govt. Acting locally while thinking globally is the exact opposite of what is now taking place in our communities.

    I say this with some knowledge of what the WEF’s ‘you will own nothing and be happy’ economy will look like and how it will operate. Life long learning and behavior modification as continual hoops one will have to jump through to keep their status blemish free and allowed to jump through the next hoop or be relegated to a universal condition of managed poverty.

    If individuals are not armed with this knowledge they are just asking to sit out on the sideline as uninvolved observers until the forces arrayed come for them. While Allison McDowell’s truth may upset the ‘we’ll build our own community as the answer’ adherents it is still a truth we all need to come to grips with as that is what is coming at us disguised as community and people fixing.

  8. seth.w.h says:

    they are doing it in Zihuatanejo, I hope to see Red and Andy there!

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