Secure Scuttlebutt (SSB) and other federated and decentralized social media are the new way to protect your privacy

This experimental server offers a number of innovative, privacy-friendly protocols for Web 3.0, which is all about decentralization, both in terms of hosting and controls. If you're interested in decentralized social media check The Federation. If you're a webmaster, check So you want to decentralize your website.


The SSB (Secure ScuttleButt) is a secure decentralized message exchange protocol that allows both public posting as well as private messaging. The biggest application built on top of SSB is currently PatchWork.

  1. Install PatchWork
  2. Use the following "invitation" code to join the network through this server, or join through an already connected friend over LAN or Bluetooth


The dat:// protocol allows secure, decentralized file exchange with the biggest application being web publishing without a central server. Actually, this server runs on dat:// — I'm writing this text in Beaker Browser built-in editor on my laptop and when I save, the P2P node at will almost instantly pick up the latest update!

  1. Download Beaker Browser
  2. (Optional) Download Bunsen for Android
  3. Go to
  4. dat://, dat:// and publish your own website using Beaker


This server is also available on Yggdrasil network. Connections over SSB do not work temporarily until bug #49 is resolved.

You can also connect to this server with HTTP over Yggdrasil here


Oh yes, and if you access this website in Tor Browser, your requests never goes onto the public Internet either — we run a Tor hidden service here too. Not to hide our server, but to hide your traffic. Our "regular" Internet server uses Alt-Svc header to tell Tor Browser how to find this website on Tor automatically. By the way, our Tor address is:



I'm an application and infrastructure security consultant living in the UK. I'm on Mastodon kravietz, SSB (@kravietz) and Twitter kravietz2.

To contact me privately:

Please also check — web privacy and security scanner